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The FRIENDS reunion episode totally threw up some amazing memories for me. As I went down memory lane, I made note of some really cool elements from the set that are still cool today!

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Pandemic Decor: A touch of yellow to boost your mental health

The pandemic, staying indoors confined to your four walls, can be mentally draining. Decorate with a touch of yellow during the pandemic. A touch of yellow in your decor can instantly uplift the whole room, but it can also lift your spirits, and spread cheer! The colour yellow symbolizes happiness, […]

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A case for Baskets| Home Decor Basics

Baskets are a great and aesthetic way to up your decor score while using them in functionnal home organisation! They can be used in the living room too!

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There are numerous areas where an interior stylist can help you update your home. Home styling doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on comfort. When we help you style, we also teach you how to maintain that style.

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What does an Interior Stylist do?

What does an Interior Stylist do? Do you need a stylist? Read this article to get all the answers. Hiring an interior stylist can solve a lot of decorating problems!

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‘Sir’ – Revisiting the sets of this path-breaking Indian Movie

Set design of Sir. the movie. In conversation with Parul Sondhe, the production designer of this path breaking movie.

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Book Review: Sunshine at The Comfort Food Cafe | Debbie Johnson + Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe

Sunshine at The Comfort Food Cafe | Debbie Johnson – a book that is certain to drive your blues away. Oh and I have a recipe for the Lemon Drizzle Cake mentioned in the book too.

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Decor Trends 2021 – Mindful living takes centre stage!

It’s 2021 you all. Literally a new beginning after the stresses of 2020. Here is my personal pick of home decor trends for Indian homes

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Pantone® COTY21 – Ace this color trend in your home decor

Pantone Color of the Year this year is Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray! These exciting colors can do a lot for your home in so many ways! Let’s find out!

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Home Tour – Dharitri’s Unique Decor Style

A unique decorating style that incorporates quaint cottage style decor mixed with a bit of Bohemia and lots of upcycled projects. Come, explore!

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Tasteful Eleganza and Indian Flavours in Ruma’s Texas Home

Would you buy a home that you only saw on Facetime with the real estate agent? Well, Ruma and her family did just that, and you will love their choice!

dining room
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Upasana Talukdar’s Gorgeous Apartment in Ernakulum

Army homes are full of character! I always feel that each move hones the inhabitants’ decorating style as it throws up new challenges that are always successfully overcome! Here is one such home!

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Who Said your Home can’t be Safe & Stylish at the Same Time?

Staying at home all the time can be mentally draining in these COVID days. Make the most of your time by infusing style plus safety measures into your home’s interiors!

Buy our vintage cast iron bird feeder product from theKeybunch decor
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Garden decor: Castiron vintage birdfeeder, shop now!

Gardens are a welcome retreat. Bird feeders are a beautiful decor and functional addition to any garden. Our vintage cast iron bird feeders will give your garden some old world charm!

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Vintage Modern – a home decor style that every Indian must explore!

Blending the old and the new in decor is easy if you check out these curated ideas! #antiquemoderndecor

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Home Tour: Leesha Manju’s Pune home

A consultant and documentary film maker, Pune-based Leesha Manju has an eclectic home, filled with antiques, colours and beautiful keepsakes from her travels within remote India.

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What’s your personal Signature Fan style?

Move away plain old white or brown ceiling fans. I was amazed at the variety and style that Luminous has introduced with their line of Signature ceiling fans. Worth checking out!

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Setting up a Home Office

How has working from home panned out for all of you? I have always worked from home, but with every member of my family now working or studying from home, I have had to carve out a nice quiet corner just for myself. And I found that corner in my […]

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Here are fun activities to do with your kids for the lockdown

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Comfortably lovely|Anuradha Singh’s Noida home

This beautiful 2200 sqft Noida apartment is the ideal Indian home, decorated mindfully, and a comfortable, safe haven during difficult times!

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It’s Valentine’s Day and hence I have renamed my trademark whole wheat cake with strawberry icing as Lovers’ cake. Go ahead, make it for your loved one!

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The Best House Plants 2020 for Indian homes

Plants are the hottest decor trend, and more people are opting to be plant parents. We spent a lot of time to put this post together, and if we can say so, it’s been very thoughtfully put together. Here are fresh new plant suggestions for those of you tired of […]

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Recipe: Stuffed Buns

An easy stress free recipe for Hor’d’ouvres that you can adapt to different ingredients and make it truly yours!

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Décor goals for 2020

2020 promises to be a cusp year in decor with many old trends on their way out and new trends flouncing in. My most favourite trend this year is the use of a mix of neutrals and colour, with floral vintage curtains, that I am so keen on trying out!

safe play rooms for toddlers
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Creating Safe Indoor spaces for your toddlers

Toddler years are the wonder years – where the mind grows rapidly. A safe place to grow in is so important!Let’s discuss the optimal ways to design a toddler space!

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Pastel Diwali Inspiration with Pramila Gupta

Dare to experiment with a fresh diwali palette! Pastels and shimmers are so calming and beautiful this season, Pramila Gupta shows us how!

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Chandana’s beautiful Indian home in NC, USA

An Indian home outside India is always a joy to behold. I often wonder where decor is sourced, and how the aesthetics are achieved. We have many homes belonging to the Indian diaspora featured on this blog. Today’s home is one such, and we decided to ask the home owner Chandana what we always wanted to know!

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Sheela Dinakar on decades of Diwalis away from Home

Deepawali is happiness, even if you haven’t celebrated it in India for decades! Sheela Dinkar shows us her beautifully decorated Diwali home!

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Jayalakshmy Krishna’s Diwali decor at home

A beautiful garden, magically comes alive with floating candles, diyas and lights. Come join us as we explore this diwali decorated house!

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Stunning Banana Leaf Backdrop Tutorial

It’s the festive season and stunning ecofriendly decor ideas for diwali are so hard to come by. This banana leaf backdrop tutorial is worth bookmarking!

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{HomeTour} Nehal’s Bengaluru Apartment gives us Styling Goals!

Nehal and Chetan, moved into their Bangalore apartment last year, after a stint overseas. ” It’s our first big investment as a couple!!” beams Nehal. If you ever doubted the phrase, “it’s all in the details” then this home should clarify everything for you 🙂

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Rushika & Dipkal’s Palo Alto apartment

Rushika has an affinity for antiques and has a huge collection of vintage/antique brass and bronze decor, candle stands and lanterns that she has collected over the years, and incorporated into her decor, in every room. Here are excerpts from our conversation interspersed with glimpses of the home she shares with her husband Dipkal.

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Home Tour: A Stunning Hyderabad home styled with Warm Colours

If you thought predominantly warm colours in a modern home is surely not for you, think again. This home in Hyderabad has just the right amount of pastels and neutrals balancing out the warm tones. With the right lighting and decor, it is absolutely stunning!

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Home Tour: At home with Kaho of Chuzai Living

Chuzai Living is a blog written by Kaho, a Japanese national, as she outlines expat life in various cities. I am a big fan of her blog – it is practical, informative, and the homes she has decorated during the course of her expat life are beautiful! I especially loved […]

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Home Tour: Jayati and Manali share their Home & the Science of Decorating

Bangalore-based friends Manali and Jayati have made their rented home a delightful space infused with colour, DIYs and plants. They love the way the home has turned out!

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Home Tour: Stunning Maximalist and Boho Chic Home

Bohemian Chic done right! This is a beautiful home that is infused with full blown Bohemian decor. The wall colours are especially well-chosen, and we can’t get enough!

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Rock your Summer Decor with Fresh and Trending Colours: Flipkart Spring-Summer 2019 collection

Fresh summer colours for your home furnishings and decor on Flipkart Also check a product moodboard with beautiful, trending products in the Color of the Year, Living Coral.

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Home Tour: Ankita and Sitanshu’s Awesome DIY Decorated Lucknow Home

A beautiful DIY heart centred home, where husband-wife duo Ankita and Sitanshu have carefully planned each item of decor and lovingly decorated the home they share with Sitanshu’s parents and their toddler son Miraash.

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Tour: Jayashree and Rajan’s Sprawling Garden Apartment in Kerala

Emptynesters Jayashree and Rajan have a beautiful garden apartment in Trivandrum. Come, be charmed with the beautiful space as we show you around.

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Pune: An old church door gets restored and stars in a brilliant makeover story

Radhika Yuvaraj whose home you can see in this The Keybunch decor blog post is so passionate about antiques that she decided to help source them for friends and family. She says, “I have always loved heritage decor, antiques and upcycled furniture. And I strongly believe in the renewal of […]

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The Rameshes’ Desi-Global, Green home in Bengaluru

The adoption of Green Standards means the home follows Eco-friendly practices, and is a model home in India. In addition, this home has been decorated with collectibles and family heirlooms, making it doubly interesting! Location: BengaluruHome owners: The Ramesh familyArea: 3500 sq feet I’m driving through a quiet residential area […]

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Trends gleaned from the Ambiente Tradefair in Frankfurt, Feb 8 -12, 2019

Trend spotting at Ambiente is something I thoroughly enjoyed, filing away trends as I noticed them at the fair. Ambiente is an annual tradefair for decor and design, held in Frankfurt every year!

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Old Junk to Sassy Console Tables – A Makeover Story

When I found two old tall tables dumped by the road, covered with dust, with a horrible formica top peeling off, I looked away in disgust. My gaze moved downwards towards a swedish-design stool which I immediately earmarked “treasure” And then beyond that I saw the most beautiful legs – […]

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Old Stool: Trash to Treasure

Every year thousands of beautiful old furniture, decor pieces such as vintage lamps and light fixtures and old pieces dating back to pre-Colonial or Colonial days are trashed in India. Ironically, there’s a whole industry devoted to creating similar pieces from scratch, and there’s a huge revival of using these pieces […]