Decor Trends for 2022

Happy New Year! Decor Trends for 2022 explained here, are only to be used as a rough guide. After all, of what use are trends if you don’t identify with them? Articles on trends should be used wisely. Look at a trend and see if you caught yourself frowning or smiling. Then take it from there. That’s exactly how I would like you to use this guide.

Home is the most-loved space, a sanctuary. So do to it only what you love, only what brings you joy.

Decor Trends for 2022 | Interior design for living room decoration

That said, I’m so happy to be able to once again share my thoughts on what the decor trends for 2022 are should be! At the end of 2021, as I sat down to retrospect and put my observations for this year’s trends onto paper, I had a strong sense that this would be a year that would change a lot of things in many homes. The trends would reflect our emotional state of mind, worn out after the last 2 years of the pandemic, and the possibility of a more permanent work from home life. Many of us begin this year with helplessness as we watch our lives and those of our children thrown out of gear in the present, but we are hopeful for a better life in the future.

Decor Trends for 2022 | Accent wall in room with decor accessories in startling bright colours

Decor and living go together. And I always believe that a home should reflect living styles, rather than trends. Living styles take precedence and also form the basis of this article, so here are my little notes on trends for 2022

Wall colours will revert to warm, almost-neutrals, sometimes paired with accent colours.

Decor Trends for 2022 | An accent wall with a juxtaposition with decor accessories that the colour stands for

Greige, grey, tans, are exceedingly popular. Black will make a comeback too. Not as a reminder of dark, difficult times, but rather as a contrast, a juxtaposition and for all that the colour stands for. Power, luxury, elegance – an affirmation that things will get better, and our dreams will not stay unrealised for long. Hope.

Decor Trends for 2022 | The colors pink and green are looking stunning with the gray wall
Pic credit Siri. Follow her on Instagram @chroniclesofsiri

The return to basics

It’s not just our walls that are finding solace in neutrals. With more of us staying home, the trend is to return to cool, clean and airy homes rather than cluttered, bright and noisy decor. Palletes are soothing, muted. Colours are introduced only to complement, never to distract, awe or overwhelm. The whole vibe will convey comfort and warmth. It is what we all need, and our homes can offer it to us. Family time, board games, quiet moments with a lit candle – hugs, smiles and meaningful conversations.

Decor Trends for 2022 | Happy family with children enjoying playing jenga games at home
Family time and bonding has increased, and decor styles need to be adapted to accomodate this.

Gold accents

A bit of sparkle and shine to add a hint of opulence to every day homes. Cosy + gold accents really ups the game!

Decor Trends for 2022 | Cozy living room interior with knitted blanket on comfortable sofa
Cozy living room interior with gold accents and cozy touches

Subtle floral or polka dot curtains in pastels or dull gold

Polka dots in the same color or few tones darker than the background do not overwhelm. This is a gorgeous trend and I personally love it.

Decor Trends for 2022 | Pink polka dot curtain with blue wall
Muted polka dots contrast this grey wall with molding

The need for comfort and a longing for the old days will nudge us to exploring patterns like small floral motifs and muted but fun polka dots on our drapes.

Decor Trends for 2022 | Polka dot curtains in pastels or dull gold

I especially love this dull gold number. See what I mean by polka dots a few shades darker than the base colour?

Investment in high end office chairs and lazyboys/recliners

In the early days of the pandemic we focused on demarcating office spaces, making them functional, pretty, etc. But now, back and neck problems later, we know that it is not a temporary thing. Even after the pandemic ends, the paradigm shift in the way we work will continue. Many companies are talking of permanently having at least 3 days wfh per week. This will make us invest in home office furniture that is ergonomic and good for our health in the long run. Office chairs with good lumbar and upper back support will not only be a trend, but also a reality.

Decor Trends for 2022 | Sharon's work from home office
HNI India’s Fluence Chair checks all the right boxes. Read more about it here

And what about leisure? With more time at home, it makes our leisure hours that much more special. Recliners – both single seaters and serious dual seat recliners – that are comfortable yet support our backs well, will definitely be popular.

Mattresses too, because health will take precedence, and there will be an increase in purchases of good quality mattresses.

The return of curves in furniture and accessories

Curves give us a sense of belonging and comfort, and minimal (not over the top) carved and curved furniture will feed that need for stay-at-home comfort. They are a small nod to the days of yore, as we grapple with the reality of a new world.

Decor Trends for 2022 | Curved furniture will feed that need for stay-at-home comfort

Classy garden and outdoor furniture/accessories

More of us want peaceful decks, balconies and gardens to unwind in. After a long day of stay at home, and no after-work hangout rituals, our outdoors are the only retreat. So make the most of it, because the trend points to beautifying our outdoor hangout spaces. Gardens, swings, stylish garden accessories in cast iron, and beautiful garden furniture.

Decor Trends for 2022 | The trend points to beautifying our outdoor hangout spaces. Gardens, swings, stylish garden accessories in cast iron, and beautiful garden furniture
Beautiful accessories for garden relaxation and in-garden dining

The one colour suprise of 2022

If I had to point out one surprising decor colour trend this year, it would be the arrival of browns as accent fabric accessories – you know, a throw cushion, a throw, or a rug. Brown is not dull and dreary anymore. Call it chocolate, coffee or cocoa, and it exudes both style and warmth. Brown looks best against a neutral pallette.

Decor Trends for 2022 | Browns as accent fabric accessories - a throw cushion, a throw, or a rug

If you don’t like browns at all, try variations such as rusts, greige and nightingale brown (a mix of brown and green).

Old and charming is back

Demijohns for instance, are very popular these days and the trend will grow this year. There’s nothing like a large, stunning decor piece that can be moved around and placed strategically. Best of all, they are made of glass – a very trending element these days. They even look lovely in gardens!

Decor Trends for 2022 | Demijohns a stunning decor piece that can be moved around and placed strategically
Demijohn wine bottle at a garden cafe – decor goals!

If you are looking to source a demijohn in India, preorder yours here.

Candleholders in different shapes are making a comeback

Candles are mood lifters. You can transform a space just by lighting a candle. Just make sure it’s made of soy wax, as paraffin is proven to be carcinogenic. After a hard day’s work, just light a candle and see your space (literally) in new light! So invest in different kinds of candle holders – from votives, to vintage, metal, glass – a collection, basically!

Decor Trends for 2022 | Set with different stylish candlesticks on white background, banner design
Invest in a range of candlestands, for multiple candle-lit looks

A vintage or antique focal piece

Flaunt a vintage piece in all it’s shabby, faded, distressed glory. Apart from being a conversation starter, it psychologically makes you feel calmer, and more grounded. It looks especially stunning when contrasted with completely contemporary decor in the rest of the room!

Decor Trends for 2022 | Flaunt a vintage piece in all it's shabby, faded, distressed glory
The old distress-painted piano is such a beautiful addition to this modern space!

Straight lines will rule!

Geometric shapes are popular in decor. But this year, it’s straight lines that will rule.

Decor Trends for 2022 | The beauty and simplicity of geometric shapes in straight lines in decor
The strings coffee table from Scarlet Splendor is a great example of the beauty and simplicity of straight lines in decor!

Watch out for some really gorgeous products in this most-basic geometric element.


Trends are just that. An upward curve for something that is popular. You may have noticed I skipped talking about plants, handmade and organic. I think by now, we are all educated enough on all of these subjects, to make the right choices when we buy. If you feel that any of these trends appeals to you, then look for handmade or organic options, if you are inclined to. Choose to go with a trend but make it yours. Own it, but only if it suits your space functionally or aesthetically. Happy decorating in 2022!

Decor Trends for 2022 | Bedroom accent walls in grey color with complete decor in the room
Pic credit Siri. Follow her on instagram @chroniclesofsiri

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