Décor goals for 2020

Indian homes are slowly but surely moving towards a global look and feel. I fear, that by the end of the decade homes around the world will end up looking alike. What would that be like, I wonder? No character, no ethnic touches, and worse, no colour!

Blue is fashionable! 2020 colour of the year
Blue is fashionable this year! Photo by SHOP SLO® on Unsplash

But, wait! Let’s be optimistic – this year’s edition of Maison&Objet has some gorgeous India-inspired products on offer. If you scroll down, you will see France-based Indian Song’s The Bangalore curtain. How lovely if the world décor trends moved towards ethnic décor, wouldn’t that be wonderful? 2020 is here, and here are some décor goals for us Indians!

Ignore the Pantone Colour of the Year.

CAYO Classic Blue Dining Chair in Pantone Colour of the Year 2020|decor goals 2020 for india
CAYO Classic Blue Dining Chair in Pantone Colour of the Year 2020
by Portugal-based Brabbu Design forces, exhibiting at Maison et Object Jan 2020

Okay, do not ignore it. But let it always be a SUPPORTING colour, unless you have stunning décor to set it off! Especially if you are in India! Perhaps one wall, in your whole home, but well, there are a few exceptions – it would look nice on upholstery – wait, I do have upholstery in that colour – it’s the background colour of my suzani bench upholstery. So yes, keep it minimal, and you should be okay!

Live mindfully

Living choices determine what we buy and decorate with. Living mindfully as a lifestyle goal is good. Go back to the old – rummage in your attics and grandma’s cupboards, make sure your old wood is always reused, showed off! Frame old fabric for a wall feature. And buy less. Or giveaway two items from your home each time you buy something new.
Also when you buy new stuff – do buy sustainable. That way you are consciously supporting the world through your purchases!

DIZY France has designed this beautiful and practical desk designed by Thomas Merlin, and made up of Aluminium / Wood / Steel / Linen |decor goals 2020 for india
DIZY France has designed this beautiful and practical desk designed by Thomas Merlin, and made up of Aluminium / Wood / Steel / Linen

Use indigenous Indian stuff

Indian living room decor |decor goals 2020 for india
I am afraid I am very biased towards old Indian stuff, and you can always find a couple of pieces in my living room styling pics.

Ceramics, rugs, art – the list is endless. When we do up our homes it is so tempting to buy from the bigger brands, but try to source at least one major décor purchase from a local maker. You will love the personal touch, and help nurture individuality, local business, creativity and so many other feel good values!

Sophisticated florals are in

The Bangalore Curtain showcasing at Maison et Objet 2020 |decor goals 2020 for india
France and Jaipur based LABEL INDIAN’s The Bangalore Curtain showcasing at Maison et Objet 2020

With a saturation of geometrics, florals have come back in a refreshing new way – the prints in trend are pretty, and have a vintage feel to them. You should definitely consider a floral element somewhere in your decor palette. And, in Indian homes, they are never out of place! I remember the beautiful vintage floral uphostery my grandparents’ homes had, and I think we should aim for something that gives off vintage vibes!

Colour your home Subtly

colorful cushion covers at the living room |decor goals 2020 for india
Invest in pieces like this – which can add a whole lot of glam to a corner. Best of all, they can be dressed up to give new looks all year round! Pic via Sobha Shanker

From my intro you might have imagined that I am all for a colour heavy look. Actually no, I am all for colour, but not everywhere! I love subtle colours, that speak loudly despite the quiet vibes. I love greys with colours, and even though globally this trend is slowly on its decline – In India, I would highly recommend this look! Go for it, and rock your décor with it

book shelf in neutrals with pops of colour decor goals 2020 for india
Blogger Reshma Sanjeev gave this unit an update and it is perfectly in line with 2020 trends. Read all about it on her blog

Invest in Plants

|decor goals 2020 for india| bring plants in!
Photo by Kari Shea 

Living plants are the best décor ever. And they wont be going out of style for a while. I am not sure the Jungalow look is even necessary in India – with our wonderful sunny climate, our plants grow wonderfully just about anywhere. But do bring indoor plants and make them an integral part of your décor. What plants will be in fashion in 2020? Apart from the ZZ, mantanas and varieties of ficus (not just the fiddle leaf, but other varieties too), as well as the humble palm (see pic above) and the Bird of Paradise are quite in trend!

green plants at the balcony are the best decor ever|decor goals 2020 for india
I love a lush, overgrown – Jungle-ish, look full of foliage, in my garden. Plants are more than a decor update – they are good for your health, and give you a daily connection with nature!

Bold monochrome wall paint

While pastels and textured neutrals (see below) are recommended for global Indian homes, I also recommend bold wall colours for those of you who definitely want colour in your homes, I highly recommend a colour-rich monochrome wall. What colours? Yellow and orange are going out of trend, but blue is in!

Opt for a dark coloured accent wall – deep red and cobalt blue for instance will set off brass and metal beautifully. Also really really consider blue with mustard accents! 🙂

Pastels with textures

Velvet cushions by CHHATWAL&JONSSON, are made using the dori technique |decor goals 2020 for india
Velvet cushions by CHHATWAL&JONSSON, are made using the dori technique

Even though we all know the depth and wow factor textures bring to a room, many of us still don’t use textures. Too much texture is any day better than too much print. This year try to add a pastel colour with your neutrals and variate with textures for a lovely au courant feel to your space. I always recommend colour in India, and the trending pastel pops are perfect, because all white is just not practical in our country!

Beech wood Candlesticks in a modern vintage touch |decor goals 2020 for india
Beechwood Candlesticks in a modern vintage touch, courtesy UN ESPRIT EN PLUS S.A.R.L France.

Antique touches

Creative ideas to reuse old pieces around the home |decor goals 2020 for india

With so much access to old wood in our country, this décor trend is very doable. Have a look at some amazing images on Pinterest! For the living room, I highly recommend wooden rafters from old wood. They instantly transform your space! Check this Pinterest board for more inspiration!

traditional Indian living room design and decoration ideas |decor goals 2020 for india
Sobha Shanker has a warm and trendy Indian decor style, that you can see more of on her Instagram page

Natural looking floors

Reuse old furniture for a great deal of character in your home |decor goals 2020 for india
Reuse old furniture for a great deal of character in your home!
Photo by Awesome Sauce Creative on Unsplash

While the merits of marble cannot be argued, we really think new Indian homes should seriously consider rustic floors, grey stone, red oxide, tiles – we have a whole lot of options. With many flooring companies giving offering beautiful flooring options for all budgets, there is simply no excuse for not going neutral, rustic, or colourfully ethnic!!

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Will be beautiful, serene places that help you unwind and relax. Relaxation and creating a haven to rejuvenate, refresh, unwind and recharge will be the driving factors behind creating these rooms

Kitchen and bathroom sink interior design |decor goals 2020 for india
Image by Karolina Grabowska

So are you ready? Let’s ace this New Year with a house filled with more love than things, more warmth than products, and make memories by living the littlest moments gigantically!

neutrals, pops of colour, indian touches and plants|decor goals 2020 for india
This pic by Saranya sums everything up. Beautiful neutrals, a bit of colour, Indian touches (the filter kaapi lota and the pickle jar) lots of plants and warmth!

And, if you wish to save any of these pictures, just head to our Pinterest board (we have already pinned these up there) and pin away!

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