Invoke the Joy of Spring in your Decor

Spring is the season to come alive, to flourish; a time for freshness, and for prettiness, to primp our homes much like the dappled sun caresses flower beds and bushes.

Spring decor and Products | Metal ants made in gold at the corner of the bedroom
I recently styled this lovely Trove bedsheet from the Rohit Bal X Duraflex collaboration, and I find that it gives the perfect spring vibes. You can buy this ant from our store!

After being stuck at home for the last couple of years, 2022 and 23 will be the years when we finally enjoy this lovely season; what’s more, we can travel the world again with the help of luggage storage Sydney and enjoy the outdoors. Inside, things are optimistic too; soft, pretty homes in pastels and neutrals juxtapose outdoor colours, and decor companies like our very own The Keybunch shop in India have been working hard to bring you some amazing Spring-Summer products. 

I have curated a happy mix of products that will complement some of our own new and existing products. I believe in eclectic decor. While I love it when you buy from my store, I LOVE mixing up products from other stores, and bringing them together to decorate a space.

Creating curated looks with a mix of The Keybunch decor products and decor products from other stores.

Look 1 is my favourite, as it has both upmarket and economy brands coming together in one frame. I love it when a home has items from various sources, and they can all come together to pretty up a space.

Spring decor and Products | Mood boards to inspire your spring summer home decor
1. Telford Pendant Lamp – IAAH, 2. Bukey artificial bunch of 7 stick Peach color – meesho, 3. The Rug Republic MURINO Multi 60 x 60 x 35 cm POUF – TheRugRepublic, 4. Ceramic Table Lamp Chiang-Mai Natural – Sarita Handa, 5. Linen Curtains – The Keybunch decor, 6. Large Doughbowl – The Keybunch decor, 7. Demijohn – coming soon on The Keybunch

This is the second look, Distinctly Floral – where I have picked Sarita Handa’s gorgeous upholstered bench, and the Jackson candle holders from H&M Home, which debuted in India only this week. Glass as a material is gaining popularity – it is simple yet stunning, and I love how it amps up spaces.

Spring decor and Products | Moodboard for spring summer - TheKeybunch decor products and decor products from other stores
Joyous Spring
Clockwise – Wall decor – The Keybunch decor blog, Faux antique demijohn (connect with us to book yours) from TheKeybunch Decor, Garden cushions – dragonfly, hand embroidered on handloom fabric – The Keybunch decor, Jackson Candle Holder in Pastels – H&M Home, Jean upholstered bench – Sarita Handa

Now, let me tell you more about what we have brought out this year at The Keybunch Store.

Linen curtains

Spring decor and Products | Linen curtains are made out of this soft and pretty cotton linen fabric
Our linen curtains are made out of this soft and pretty cotton linen fabric. Connect to customise for table covers, cushion covers and curtains.


Giant glass bottles cerainly up the game in decor! And the good news is they are coming really soon to our store. 17×1 4 inches, in 3 colours – amber, green and light blue.

Spring decor and Products | Use vintage giant glass bottles for home decor
Color references from Pinterest for Amber, blue and green bottles. The blue bottle shape (to the right) is quite close to the shape of the bottles we will be bringing out


We are very conscious about the environment, and our doughbowls are testimony to that. They are made for decor and storage, and not to actually raise dough. Hence, they are made out of leftover wood. Wood that would have been wasted otherwise, is now repurposed and given a fresh new life. Our large doughbowls measure 23x10x4 inches; Crafted from mango wood, they are polished with food safe polish, just in case you use it for food! Buy your doughbowl today!

Our doughbowls are versatile additions to your decor. Use them year-round – on tablescapes, to hold your books, spare throws, etc.

Soapstone containers

Artisanal made soapstone containers are available at our online store. Soapstone is unique. The stone’s true color comes out after it is polished. So it’s always an easter egg for us, when we send out a white stone for polishing, and it comes out green, orange or pink. Sometimes it stays white too! Pick up a piece of this ancient Indian craft here.

More products are coming in soon!

Here’s a sneak peek!

Spring decor and Products | Wooden collapsible stool, ecofriendly PET woven rug, and gorgeous wall panels
Wooden collapsible stool, ecofriendly PET woven rug, and gorgeous wall panels

I am looking forward to sharing updates about all of these products. Stay tuned by checking in at my store and also my instagram feed @thekeybunchdecor

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