Featuring our home studio space decked up for Christmas

I should have written this post earlier, but I was bogged down with the flu soon after Christmas, and I am only just getting better! Better late than never! So here we go!

What: A 400 sq feet studio space, that will serve as an extension of our home, where we can spend our weekends mindfully. A stunning view of the Baner hillside, which is the real reason we purchased this space.

Where: Pune

This blog post will only cover the Christmas-decorated home. We were also featured on LBB homely, where you can go to this link and see the entire studio space in video format.

The entryway passage

entryway with fabric frames on the ceiling. studio space by thekeybunch

We step in through a lovely 150 year old Indo-dutch door, to this passage which we have mostly kept bare, save for some shelves reimagined from salvaged wood pieces! Since we have a lovely view ahead, the surprise element here is on the ceiling. Two beautifully framed fabric panels, enhanced with stunning light fixtures!

The living area

living room with 2 statement chairs by the rose and teak, and an antique bench. a cityscape adorns the wall by artist christine kale

Up ahead, and adjacent to the balcony space is a seating area – done up with a mix of genuine and faux antiques. On the wall is a lovely cityscape by artist Christine Kale. Our studio currently sports a lot of her work. The trio of mirrors is from Dastakari Haat, their most recent Pune exhibition.

On the other side of the living area is this lovely console table. Again, there is a lovely painting by Christine Kale, depicting the coffee plant – it’s a botanical art, and we think it’s a work in progress as we are discussing a few additions. Growing up, I spent most of my summer vacations on coffee estates and this painting is a lovely way to keep that memory alive. In fact, the entire studio space has old elements like the double height skirting; the hint of red oxide, the uneven old -looking floors that we painstakingly recreated with microcoating. Living in a city, so far away from home, sometimes made us yearn for those simple homes and we are so glad we could bring out the simplicity in a rather new avatar here!

a painting of a coffee plant by artist christine kale, hangs above a charming sideboard decorated for christmas.

The Christmas tree is one we have used for years, and the tree skirt is a limited edition one from our brand. It is a metal wired finish, but studded with little pure brass dots, and we are ready to take pre-orders now for next Christmas!

the sideboard houses a doughbowl decorated for christmas with other christmas elements

A closer look at the decor on the sideboard. It has our flat doughbowl, a new addition to our store, and not yet listed. The cute gnome is from The Knotty Manager, run by Rachna. The candle stands are made of forged iron and available with The Keybunch, so contact me!

The Kitchen

The kitchen I believe, is the heart of a space. I was very particular that my kitchen here should have character. We went the whole hog with a lot of space, because I know, that when you style products for a living, you need storage space! I also love to bake and try out different things, and as a weekend hangout spot, it is a good place to experiment and cook as a family, or as a group of friends. We tried to give it a lovely warm feel, and I hope we have achieved that!

There’s more~

But not just yet, as sitting in Mangalore, I realise that I don’t have pics of the balcony, the front door, the washroom, and the altar table. But, you can see it all on the LBB video – link shared above.

And, when we return in January there will be detailed posts about all the vendors we have collaborated with, and what’s more, you will also get a discount from us, when you go with one of our tried and trusted vendors for one of your makeovers!

Have a super year end, and do come back for more from our studio space!

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