How to Style our Set of 2 Wooden Angels

This Christmas, we brought out these very simple, minimal wooden angels – 5 inch and 6 inch wooden distress-painted finish, to add quiet charm to your Christmas decor.

Made of Mango wood, their minimal look will enhance an empty space on your console beautifully!

Styling tips | Wooden angels - 5 inch and 6 inch, to add quiet charm to your Christmas decor

And, we thought we would also share some styling tips to style these angels.

Styling Tips

Our angels can be tricky to style.
Here are some tips that are sure to work

  1. Place them at an angle, one behind the other, not next to each other.
  2. Sprinkle lots of neutrals around them. The background especially.
  3. To add interest to the vignette place something taller than them, and something smaller than them in the same frame.
  4. Don’t crowd the surface.
  5. Add one small pop of colour.

Here are 3 ways we incorporated these tips, for 3 different looks

Styling tips | Wooden angels and vase jug at the corner to add interest to the vignette

Styling tips | Christmas berries in bottle vase with wooden angels at the corner of the room

Styling tips | LED picture frame with wooden angels

Which one did you like? Or would you style it differently?

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