Making A New Home Feel Truly Yours

I just moved into a studio space; and even though I do not really spend the night there, I did not feel truly settled in for a while. I thought I would write a blog post on what really helped me get comfortable and happy. Here’s how you can speed the transition up by making it feel like the kind of home you want to live in and to leave your mark on it.

Unpack completely

One issue that a lot of people have with a new home, especially if they’re moving a long distance, is that they simply take too long to move in. Don’t live out of your boxes for too long; or get stuck making the trip back and forth. If you are in the United States, get a long-distance moving team like Allied Van Lines to help you make the move in as complete a process as you can. The sooner you get fully moved in, the more motivated you will be to start unpacking.

Implement your own style

Layering is a great technique to make a space warm and cozy

If the home feels a little alien to you, like it’s not really your own, it might be because you haven’t incorporated your own tastes into it just yet. Unpacking your existing decor can help you make that transition all the easier. Another great idea is to curate a whole new style for the new home. Choosing furniture that better suits the space, finding the wall art that really speaks to you with stores like Giant Art,
and generally giving it a lick of paint, or even adding a personalized canvas, can offer your new home a real transformation. You’ll feel more comfortable in it once you have your style stamped on it.

Take care of all the issues weighing it down

It’s so easy to let things get under your skin when you are in a new home. If the bathroom is a little bit smaller than your last one, is that really a big deal? For those issues that you just can’t get over, however, don’t stew on them. Make some plans to fix them. Do you want a few DIY fixes or a whole renovation? Whatever it takes to make your home more comfortable,start making plans to take action. Don’t sit with a home that isn’t meeting your needs for any longer than you need to.

Flowers helped me

A corner brought alive with interesting knick knacks

I didn’t realize it until a friend walked in with a bunch of flowers. And when I arranged them in a vase, I felt like my space suddenly became more of a home!

Using the kitchen

Cordon bleu chef Shariq Jafrani baking in our kitchen.

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. I am not much of a cook, but I had friends over who inaugurated my kitchen and baked a cake. The aroma of baking instantly made the space smell homely. And having a group over to share a meal, fixed my new home blues! That’s why they call it a house warming I guess!

cramped into a balcony

Did these tips help you? If you have any of your own to add, do tell us in the comments section! To see more of my studio space, follow me on Instagram.

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