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My Favourite Indian States translated into Decor Colour Palettes


 I have been looking through Nerolac’s colour palettes and some of them are such beautiful blends of complementary and set-off colours grouped conveniently together. As I looked through my catalogues, idly wondering how they would fit into our country’s different regions. And that’s how this post came about, where I […]

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Passion Flower – the Asian Paints Colour of the Year 2018


  Just when we had thought that yellow was passé, over-used, and done with, Asian Paints Colour Next team has surprised us with a yellow hued colour of the year. Yet, I am secretly happy – here is a colour that is so versatile, and can look beautifully both outdoors […]

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Reshma Kadvath’s Hand-crafted Decor in tiny Army SF Quarters


  “Life in the Army, they say it’s mighty fine…”- go the lyrics of a traditional US army song that was popular in the 70’s. Life in the Indian Army is an experience too – and all you Army families, I can see you nodding your heads in affirmation! While Army Spouses […]

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Top 6 Technology-Driven Products for your Home in 2018


  There’s no denying that technology is driving our lives. While we are faced with a tech and gizmo overload, some of these gadgets really help us. Our team of young interns at The Keybunch has compiled this list of smart homes and technology-driven appliances that ease our lives and […]

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Decorating with UltraViolet, the COTY 18


 The colour of the year according to my husband, is badly named! He says Ultraviolet is invisible, so technically, it cannot be a colour. That’s the way his brain is wired… and I have to often explain the obvious to him. Sigh! Ultra Violet, get it? The nirvana of violet […]

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Home Tour: Asha & Vidya Sagar’s Amazing Home built in the Old Style


 Asha and Vidya Sagar’s home in Vijayawada, AP is special. They live here with their two daughters Kiranmai and Shrimahalakshmi, and their cute pup SeethaChari who they say, is like a son to them! The couple has an interesting story to tell, that I am keen on sharing simply because […]

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QuickMix Christmas Fruit Cake


 This Christmas, instead of an elaborate cake, we thought we would make this quick kid-friendly recipe, from an old cookbook for kids by Ursula Sedgwick. This cake suits me fine, because it does not contain alcohol, it does not contain nuts, and it doesn’t require pre-soaked fruit (please also scroll […]

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5 Decor and Gift Must-Buys this Christmas


 Oh the weather outside is frightful but the chai is so delightful, and since we’ve nowhere to go, let it scroll, let it scroll, let it scroll. Our little take on a lovely old Christmas Carol. Here are 5 CAREFULLY curated christmas gifts. Pull on some fuzzy socks, wrap those […]

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Christmas Decorating on a Budget!


  Christmas is around the corner. Have you started decorating? Here are some tried and tested budget decorating ideas that appealed to the DecorDrama team. Between Cynthia (our very resourceful inhouse intern) and me, we managed to try these with whatever we had handy at home. WINE CORK ANGELS Cynthia […]