Earthy and Stylish: Asha’s Singapore Home

We are in Singapore and soaking in the earthy, aesthetic, comfortable style at Asha’s home!

Creative living room corner shelf decoration and charpoy |ASHA RAJ home tour

We are taking care to present homes that scream comfort, safety and cosiness. You will love the style + comfort here . So get ready, let’s go! Asha will show you around!

An elegant entryway decor | ASHA RAJ home tour

What: A 3000 sqft terrace house in Singapore
Who: Asha Raj and her husband. Their son is away, studying overseas.
They did not engage the services of an interior designer. Instead, they chose to work with a local carpenter, who executed Asha’s remodelling and design plans!

Over to Asha!

Dining room area | ASHA RAJ home tour

Ours is a 4 bedroom house with a very interesting layout and architecture. It is built on a slope hence we have many split levels. It does involve a lot of climbing 🙂 but I’m glad that the builder respected the terrain and built accordingly. One of the things we love about our home is the ample natural light it gets!

Colourful dining room | ASHA RAJ home tour

The house opens into the living room, the dining area and the kitchen are a few steps above that. On the next level upstairs are 3 bedrooms and a small cozy family area.

Contemporary kitchen design | ASHA RAJ home tour
Open shelves at the corner of the kitchen room | ASHA RAJ home tour

But the interesting part is the basement that is a few steps below the living room. It is not a regular dark and dingy basement. It’s a light filled space that has a family room and the guest bedroom and it opens out into the backyard.

We have a small garden that we absolutely love – in the front, side and at the back with banana, mango and chikku trees. It also has a small Balinese water feature.

The family room area | ASHA RAJ home tour
banana, mango and chikku trees at garden back yard | ASHA RAJ home tour

On her style

Corners of the dining room area | ASHA RAJ home tour

My style is simple, uncluttered and earthy with a good connect with nature and some old world charm 🙂 When we bought the house the first thing I did was open up the house by adding large folding doors, a big window in the family room, plant new trees and try to blend the indoors and outdoors as much as possible. Like you mentioned, I use a lot of natural materials like cane, wood, bamboo, terracotta, banana fibre etc in my decor. I love everything that is natural and handcrafted and I love using handloom textiles as well. I truly believe that sustainable living is no longer a choice but the only way forward.

the master bedroom is decorated with four posters, wood trunk with red runner, basket and brass vase on it, green plants and bamboo table lamps at the corner of the room | ASHA RAJ home tour

On her decorating influences

The dining space is decorated with green plants, wooden mask, and beautiful center piece on dining table | ASHA RAJ home tour
The guest bedroom area is decorated with wall baskets used as mini book holders, green plants and drawer chest | ASHA RAJ home tour

There are a lot of Indian and S.E Asian influences in my decor but with clean lines and a juxtaposition of old and new. I believe that balance is key

The guest bedroom is decorated with wall shelf, green plants and a lamp at the corner of the room | ASHA RAJ home tour

I used to read a lot of lovely blogs like yours and many others (This was before Instagram and Pinterest became the platform for decoristas :)) I would devour any decor magazine I could lay my hands on especially Inside Outside… When I started decorating our home, I wanted a comfortable, earthy space that was unpretentious and an extension of our personalities.

Living and dining is decorated with  chest of drawers, African mask | ASHA RAJ home tour|
home tour

Our home has evolved organically over the years….We didn’t buy our furnitures and artefacts all at once. They have been lovingly put together over the years and through our travels. Nothing in our home is overly expensive but they’re all precious and close to our heart.

On where she shops for her Earthy and Comfortable Style

Indoor and outdoor area of Asha's house | ASHA RAJ home tour

Fab India, Ikea, Jew town in Kochi, The purple turtles in Bangalore, Wild ideas (a community outreach programme in Thiruvannamalai where the women make home decor items from palm leaves), Online shops like Pepperfry and lovely stores like Earthy hues, The Homedream, Vajor, Karmadori and many others that I found through Instagram and of course many local shops in Singapore. Some of the wooden artefacts are from Bali and Thailand.

Backyard with green garden | ASHA RAJ home tour

On special stories related to decorating

Living room entrance | ASHA RAJ home tour

Everything we have is very close to my heart… but some even more so, like the framed textile in the living room (the one in the centre in the pic above) is actually a part of my son’s old jacket that we had bought from Thailand many moons ago. The jacket had started to fade but the embroidery on it was intact so I got it cut and framed. A mirror work skirt that my Dad bought for me from Gujarat when I was in college is something I hope to get framed someday too…

The master bedroom corner are decorated with drawer chest, bamboo table lamps and green plant | ASHA RAJ home tour
The table lamps were given a face lift and recovered with unused blouse fabric

The table lamps in our bedroom were given a facelift by us recently… they’re quite old (made of wood and bamboo) and the bamboo was dull and faded. So we covered it with some unused blouse material and gave it a fresh look.

The chakki table at the corner of the living room | ASHA RAJ home tour
A ‘chakki’ table adds a great deal of interest, against the backdrop of the stairs

I would also like to mention my contractor Mr. Yap, who has helped me renovate this home and the previous one. He doesn’t speak much English and I don’t speak Mandarin yet he understands exactly what I want!

Thank you dear Asha, for the tour of your lovely home. Thanks for the info you shared. We have a lot of pointers on decorating with a simple, yet sophisticated palette and the use of earthy elements, as well as reuse of unused or cherished stuff!

The family room is decorated with chair, green plants and book shelf | ASHA RAJ home tour

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And here is the pic I love best in Asha’s beautiful home. This little space on the staircase landing is so welcoming with its book nook and chair.

The reading room is decorated with bookshelf, green plants and rattan furniture | ASHA RAJ home tour

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