Pune: An old church door gets restored and stars in a brilliant makeover story

Radhika Yuvaraj whose home you can see in this The Keybunch decor blog post is so passionate about antiques that she decided to help source them for friends and family. She says, “I have always loved heritage decor, antiques and upcycled furniture. And I strongly believe in the renewal of the traditional aesthetic in a modern context and work towards making this more accessible to people.”

An old abandoned church door | Old church door makeover story

It’s not surprising then that in the midst of this antiquing, she comes across gorgeous pieces and often laments that she cannot use them in her home as her home is already “full” of bygone years’treasures. An old church door was one such find, and when her clients didn’t want it – it looked old, dusty and like a lot of work was needed to restore it – Radhika gave in to the temptation and decided to do something with it.

The before pic | Old church door makeover story

If you have seen her home tour (link above) you might remember this pic – of an alcove she had created at the top of the stairs. This is the space that was used for the makeover.

A new library nook | Old church door makeover story

Radhika decided to build a library in this space and use the church door at the entrance. A brilliant idea, and one that would be a huge project at my place, but Radhika refers to it as a mini project! Oh yea!

floor to cieling book shelves make this an interesting room to hang out in | Old church door makeover story

The best thing about this space is that she chose to color it blue. It’s a space that beckons to you, and a brilliant example of an ingenious makeover that all began with a salvaged church door!

distressed blue shelves, carpets in Radhika Yuvaraj's library space | Old church door makeover story

A rug, and some shelves complete the library space beautifully.

A decked up library door | Old church door makeover story

And the pièce de résistance is of course the church door – decked up with some quotes that give a fair idea of whats inside!

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After makeover door at the library | Old church door makeover story

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