Recipe: Stuffed Buns

A beautiful savoury stuffed bun recipe

The other day, I ran out of vegetables save for a carrot and a bag of green peas. I was just wondering whether to order in, when I remembered the chicken mince in the freezer. I would make Chicken Mince Buns!

It was only 2 pm, and I had enough time for the 2 rises of dough that chicken mince buns required. The kids love an unconventional dinner midweek, and I knew everyone would enjoy it.

Chicken Mince Buns recipe

So here it is, my recipe for fuss-free mince buns! The total rise time for the dough is only around 3 hours, and it’s pretty simple to put together! In case you are looking for a vegetarian option, you can substitute mince in this recipe for the same amount of paneer or finely chopped mushrooms.

Homemade Stuffed buns recipe

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