Luxury: LAdV’s Dragon collection of home decor accessories

LAdV's Dragon collection Home decor | the cinnamon stick with metal dragon

The Dragon collection is a carefully crafted line of products with dragons as the central theme. It’s a captivating line brought out by Lotus Arts de Vivre (LAdV) as an ode to the Year of the Dragon. The launch will be held at Pundole’s Auction House, Mumbai on April 3, 2024.

About the Dragon Collection

Lotus Arts de Vivre is a globally renowned home decor brand. The brand is known for its exquisitely crafted products, made by Thai and Asian master-artisans.

Why The Dragon?

Dragons have long been glorified as symbols of power and prosperity; and hold a timeless appeal. The collection aims to encapsulate the essence of dragons into the designs, by blending rich heritage with contemporary styles.

The dragons are creatures of ancient myth, with their origins spanning diverse corners of the globe, making them a captivating force that challenges us at Lotus Arts de Vivre. Every standout piece in this collection exudes vibrancy, playfulness, and enchanting charm, bringing forth the mythical allure of the dragons

Rolf von Buere, Founder of Lotus Arts de Vivre

What caught my eye

The entire collection has a playful, yet sophisticated feel to it, with metal dragons entwined on different surfaces. But the cinnamon stick bowls really caught my eye!

LAdV's Dragon collection Home decor | the cinnamon stick bowls with metal dragons

This piece is an inviting sculpture that pulls you in to smell the stunning aroma. The plate is aesthetic as a stand alone decor statement piece, and functional too as a flower or fruit basket. This piece with nearly 400-500 cinnamon sticks took over a month to assemble by over 4 craftsmen in Bali, Indonesia. After that, with inputs by 6 designers and Silversmiths to assemble the animals, it took another month to completion.

LAdV's Dragon collection Home decor | the cinnamon stick plate decorated with silver dragon

The “Unleash Your Dragon” collection encompasses exquisite home decor pieces, crafted from rare and diverse natural materials. Each piece is rare, precious and one-of-a-kind.

“We aspire to seamlessly merge the authentic essence of the dragons with our distinctive design approach. in the form of both home decor and jewellery. Each remarkable creation is meticulously crafted by our highly skilled artisans, each mastering in their respective fields, ensuring that every item in this collection stands as a quintessential unique and singular masterpiece in the world.”

Rolf von Buere, Founder of Lotus Arts de Vivre

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