Saturday, July 12, 2014

New Zentangle Banner by Sanjana Sridhar

Zentangle drawing by Rekha - cupcake

How do you like our new banner? It will be up this entire week!

Zentangle banner by Sanjana Sridhar
It has been specially designed for The Keybunch by Rekha's daughter Sanjana Sridhar. Sanjana attended a Zentangles workshop, and we were thrilled when one of the first things she designed with her new-found knowledge was a banner for us.

Thank you Sanjana, we loved it!

And, inspired by the daughter, and learning from her, here's what Rekha drew. It perfectly illustrates her latest passion which is baking!

Zentangle drawing by Rekha - cupcake

 If you would like to learn more about this art form, please look it up here.
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

{Behind-the-scenes at the Hastakala photoshoot: Guest blogging at the BuynBrag blog today

I am guest blogging today at the BuynBrag blog. If you haven't shopped already at BuynBrag, you must at least check them out! 
BuynBragThey have a lovely collection of furniture and knickknacks - carefully chosen directly from the suppliers with whom they share an incredible rapport!

The team from BuynBrag had a memorable trip to Jaipur visiting some of their suppliers, in particular Mr. Jaswant Meel of Hastkala. The company creates beautiful furniture from a workshop located in a scenic place. Best of all, the photoshoot was livened up by the presence of a pug named Shera and her pups. Read more of this account over at the BuynBrag blog.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Upcycled Antique Singer Sewing Machines {old world charm}


There is no denying the charm of an old sewing machine. Have you got one with you? Apart from the sentimental value - your grandmother used it to make your mother's wedding gown!  - sewing machines are charming additions to your decor.

Here are some wonderful ways to display those antique beauties.

A suspended wine caddy

This would also work as a general purpose shelf for books, spoons, etc.  Pic via

A dreamy wash stand

Teal is a lovely color for re-purposed antiques!    Pic via

As a table

A pretty teal writing table     Pic via

Re-purpose the legs on a new table    Pic via 

A corner table for a pretty vignette   via

Ironing table     Pic via

As a bench

I think it will look lovely painted white, on a wrought iron bench too! Pic via

Aren't these ideas lovely? Of course, in the Indian context, a sewing machine if re-purposed with a pretty wooden table top, is a great vignette piece for your brass collection.

Do share your ideas in the comment box below.
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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!
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