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Christmas Shopping Guide, Pan-India

The holiday season is here. And it’s time to start stocking up on “holiday favorites” to pretty up the pads. Whether you like to get your Christmas shopping done early or wait for the last minute, you’re guaranteed to make the best Christmas buys from stores, soul santé, fetes and fairs in […]

Pune Event Alert: Virasat Heritage Festival

My peeps in Pune, mark your calendars for a dose of culture, history and heritage. Virasat Pune Heritage Festival is an initiative by an NGO called Janwani (Voice of the people). Janwani believes that Heritage, whether in the form of cultural legacy, history or inherited natural resources, is integral to […]

Designer Furniture from Fusion Access

This is actually a table-top with antique goldmirror patterned in Moroccan motifs It is not often I take notice of press releases that land up in my inbox. However, this one caught my attention for its photos (see the ones above) displaying brilliantly elegant furniture. Fusion Access is a brand […]

Featured Indian store: Ra, Pune

The Pune Times has a once-a-week section devoted to interiors, and I always make it a point to go through it and check out which lifestyle and decor stores are having a sale :-)…From a few weeks, an ad from a new store had started making an appearance, and I […]