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October Blog Carnival Roundup

So, here is the final round up of ‘The Cook’s Nook’. Thanks for sending in the entries…it was fun visiting your kitchen, getting inspired with new ideas.One nice thing about this carnival was my kitchen got a spring clean just in time before diwali, thanks Sharon! If you haven’t checked […]

Veena Jhanak’s Picture Perfect Kitchen

Guess where Veena dishes out all the yummy goodies she posts on her blog? In her picture perfect kitchen of course…Here’s what she had to say about her entry…. “Its the cook’s nook” October carnival at The KeyBunch – What a great opportunity to spectacle my kitchen, the niche where […]

It’s the cook’s nook: Aditi’s kitchen

I am encouraged to see so many of you confirming your participation in our October Carnival. I have a kitchen pic to share with you all. It belongs to Aditi Prakash who runs Pure Ghee Designs. Aditi has a beautiful home as well, so watch out for my next post showcasing some of her […]


Welcome to our blog. The Key Bunch is officially live, and we are thrilled to bits! We Rekha and Sharon, the writers of this blog, met online, worked together on a couple of projects, and have been friends ever since! The idea of this blog is to feature striking, vibrant, […]