Veena Jhanak’s Picture Perfect Kitchen

Guess where Veena dishes out all the yummy goodies she posts on her blog? In her picture perfect kitchen of course…Here’s what she had to say about her entry….

“Its the cook’s nook” October carnival at The KeyBunch – What a great opportunity to spectacle my kitchen, the niche where all the delectable dishes make way to my blog. Here are a few pictures of this nook in my house….

Kitchen is the heart of every household. This nook of the house nourishes us and helps us grow. Traditionally, we humans have five senses – they’re smell, hearing, vision, touch and taste. But only two of these senses are based on chemicals – smell and taste. Smell and taste let us sample the chemicals around us for information. But smell is different from all the other senses in a very special way.

The aroma from the food could unleash a flood of memories from our distant past, that are so intense and striking that they seem real. It creates memories and feelings that we treasure our entire lives.

Veena blogs at Delishun, check out her recipes here…

Do you think this could be the last entry for this month…na…one more to go!


  1. Thank you Rekha and Sharon for posting my kitchen.
    Thank you Patricia.