Brinda Nilesh’s entry for ‘It’s the cook’s nook!”

Graphic Designer Brinda Nilesh has sent us some lovely pics of her kitchen for the October Blog Carnival, It’s the cook’s nook! Enjoy the magic she has created through the use of colors, materials, textures and light!.


Did you like these pics? I loved them! …and guess what? I will be featuring some lovely corners of Brinda’s home soon.

Have you shared your kitchen pics with us yet? If you haven’t, there’s time yet. We have the whole month of October, so get those clicks up on The Keybunch and show off your lovely cook’s nook!

Have a lovely weekend!:)


  1. So many new ideas whirling in my brains now seeing the carnival entries, lovely kitchen Brinda..

  2. love the play of colours in her kitchen. eagerly awaiting her home tour.

  3. ,..and I Loved the Martabans 🙂

  4. Looking forward to more…….loved this tiny glimpse!!

  5. martabans…have always had a soft corner for these babies:)

  6. Thanks for stopping, love to part of your party:)

  7. Lovely pics, and like everyone else, love the pickle jars! An the bottles!

  8. Awesome pictures..

  9. awesome pics!!Im crazy bout home decor…Glad to be following u!!

  10. thank u ladies!
    i am thrilled u all liked it!!:)