Welcome to our blog. The Key Bunch is officially live, and we are thrilled to bits! We Rekha and Sharon, the writers of this blog, met online, worked together on a couple of projects, and have been friends ever since!

The idea of this blog is to feature striking, vibrant, unique, or simply beautiful interior ideas sourced from around the world. We are based in India, and we hope to feature some Indian products, homes and crafts too…perhaps we can feature your space too? Send us the pics if you have anything interesting that can be featured here.

We are not experts on design, nor have we been formally trained on any aspect of the subject. What we share though, is a passion for interiors and design. If there are any factual or technical mistakes, please let us know. We welcome your thoughts, ideas and suggestions, and hope our readership grows with each successive post.


  1. Congratulations for opening the interior ideas with your Key bunch

    There is no one universally accepted way to decorate walls, but your ideas can help to show off the art you love, as well as your inner style.

    people lookout for high quality interior literature across the world and also interior products in the Indian context.

    The most pleasing arrangement is often the one that is least expected, so get creative!

    I congrtulate both of you once again for your keybunch to showcase the new interior ideas.


  2. great idea.

    please share tips n tricks or sites for medium and low range prices too. Everyone cannot buy from big stores na.

    The site was an interesting link! THanks!

  3. Thank you Sridhar. 🙂

    Bluediamond: thanks for stopping by. Yes of course, we will try and put in some everyday affordable stuff too. Style shouldn’t just mean expensive stuff:)