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Happy Onam to The Keybunch readers

Aren’t they adorable? Onam is a lovely festival! It is Kerala’s harvest festival and celebrated wholeheartedly by Malayalees – Hindu, Muslim and Christian alike. Which is what makes it all the more special! And with Onam Sadyas becoming known to more Indians, there are tons of people from the rest of India […]

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Keep Calm and Love your Rainy Days

Getting your home monsoon-ready: Tips, Tricks and Style First Things First Secure your roof! pic via dexpol.com If you live in a house, make sure you give an SOS call to the waterproofers to come and check your walls and roof as soon as you read this. Seal window and […]

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Pookalams – Captivating floral carpets !

Happy Onam to all our readers! Come August, and it is the beginning of back-to-back festivities in India. I had promised to post about Pookalams or flower rangolis in my last rangoli post. There can’t be a better occasion than Onam to post them; Pookalams are designs or rangolis created […]