September Blog Carnival: Say it with flowers na!

Orchids and the terracotta tiles I mentioned in my last post
Orchids and the terracotta tiles I mentioned in my last post

A lot of exciting things are happening in the desi blogosphere and it’s really nice to see the bloggers getting more interactive these days. Like I said earlier, the link party was always on the back of my mind but was hesitant to kick-start one. TO be frank, I didn’t know how to go about it. Patty’s August Table Post gave me the hopes of turning my long cherished dream come true….

Flowers - courtesy neighbour farm
Flowers – courtesy neighbour farm..

This September marks the second anniversary of The Keybunch. Isn’t this a great reason to celebrate? Why not join the party and celebrate with flowers then?

Orchids flower at the window
Orchids again….


Hand painted vase by a boy
Hand painted vase by my son.. (not exactly, it was his art teacher πŸ™‚ )


This is how you join the party –

1. Do a “Say it with Flowers’ post on your blog. It has to be ‘your’ photograph of flowers from your home. The flowers need not be an arrangement only, it can be from a potted plant, your garden, stringed flowers… get the idea!
2. Please do not use images from other sources.
3. Link back to our blog ‘’
4. Copy the ‘permalink’ from your “September Blog Carnival: Say it with flowers na!”
5. Add your ‘permalink’ to the ‘inlinkz’ at the bottom of this post.
6. Click the link before you. As always you can leave a comment and spread the word around. The more the merrier, what say?
7. If you don’t have a blog, you can always email your pictures to [email protected].

Flower at the corner of the living room

You have the whole of September to hop in and join and the party……

I am also linking this back to Romantic Home’s ‘Show and tell Friday


  1. Even though this is a challenge since my pictures more into food, I'll definitely try something. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Great going. Here I'm wishing 'The Keybunch' happy anniversary. You guys rock!

  3. Will try and send one pic!

  4. Just you wait girl, hopefully my Frangipani will bloom this September. And I will join your pretty party. πŸ™‚

    Fingers x'ed.

  5. I am going to join this, Sharon and Rekha! This is so fun!

  6. Yeyeyeye I am the first will be so much fun..

  7. Wow! this is so exciting..can't wait to see more of your stuff, y'all, do spread the word! And hopefully we will have more to offer you this month!


  8. sure guys will join in,.:-0

  9. Hey Sharon and Rekha,

    Though I am very new to blogging, but this one is so exciting and Fun, would love to join the Party…!

  10. Lovely!! Sharon…. I'll join in next week… as soon as Im back!! πŸ™‚ Cant wait to see all the posts here…

  11. sharon πŸ™‚ fantastic idea..m gonna be busy this weekend..your flowers, pattys cozy corner !! awesome

  12. Hi Rekha,

    I feel so honoured by your invite.Congrats on the second anniversary.Will surely participate.

  13. Sounds fun! Let me just try to figure out how this works, okay?

  14. This is soooo exciting and fun…Wishin u more and more years of happy and successful blogging !!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  15. This party is fun!! ….Hope to see each and every submission….As i Said earlier…a great way to introduce baby blogs like mine to the blogosphere.

  16. awesome! its been two year huh! can't believe it! i was doing a guest post for your 1st anniversary just yesterday! many many congrats and many many years of bloggin!

  17. Joined! Thanks so much for the invite :)!

  18. Thanks for the invitation… Now truth be told am no green-finger person! But but will surely try n out together an post… i think its gonna be fun πŸ™‚

  19. Very fun ~ so many pretty flowers here!

  20. Congratulations!!!!
    This part is fun…im joining soon!!

  21. Happy blog anniversary you guys!!

  22. Nice to know you Rekha, congrats on your second blog anniversary! Let me try painting some flowers from my garden and make a post to link to your party:-)May be next week!

  23. Here I come into the party!

  24. I saw your post just in time before I hand over a pot of roses to my MIL. What better way to say it…Thanks a bunch

  25. Hi Rekha! So sorry, am really late in here! Congrats on your blog turning two! I will surely try to join in the party!

  26. Hi!

    I have lurked and seen for a bit now – this is my contribution to the Saying it with Flowers party.

    Love your blog – hope you keep going for a long time! πŸ˜€

  27. Happy Happy Anniversary girls! And here's to many many more πŸ™‚

    I would have loved to join the flower party..but am running somewhat helter-skelter this month, and hence will be very low on posts! The party looks like so much fun though, and I can see that you have already received many gorgeous flowers πŸ™‚

  28. thanks for the invite,rekha.will sure join in & congrats on the anniv πŸ™‚

  29. Vibrant colors of flowers,Really awesome..

  30. Congrats on your blog anniversary. This carnival of blog posts on flowers is a lovely idea… It is amazing to see so many different flowers and flower arrangements.

  31. been reading u from sometime now πŸ™‚ but I had to delurk today… my love of flowers made me to do it πŸ˜€

    submitted my entry…

    congrats on the 2nd anniversary… and heres to many more to come

    I love ur blog

  32. This is so cool, Rehka! I believe in the magic of flowers and even wrote a young adult novel in the US, called Forget-Her-Nots. It features the language of flowers come magically to life.

    White bellflowers (for gratitude) for spreading the flower love!!

    -Amy (Brecount White)

  33. Rekha, your flowers are beautiful.Thanks for inviting me to join the September Carnival.Although I wish to join, I don't understand how. I could not find 'inlinkz'.

  34. Happy Anniversary πŸ™‚ Love your party. Sorry for the late entry but Hey, here I am πŸ˜€

  35. Happy blog Anniversary key bunch..I enjoyed being part of this event..thank you for hosting ….

  36. Hey Rekha, Would love to join in….
    Thx for stopping by @ Evergreen Tree

  37. Thanks for the invitation Rekha. Lovely blog. Anniversary greetings. Will try to post a real nice flower picture.

  38. Thanks Rekha for inviting me πŸ™‚
    This "say it with flowers" link party is a great idea to connect so many bloggers with each other.

    Though my blog is focused on natural health, travel, creative parenting, I will see what and how I can do something with flowers πŸ™‚

    I will participate by the end of this week.

    Thanks again,

    Rashmie (Gorgeous Karma)

  39. finally…I join the party!

  40. Like purplehomes said, finally!

    I've added my humble post. I'm no design expert. Just love reading your blog… And your passion just shines through it.


  41. Hi Sharon and Rekha,
    Anniversary Wishes from Lakshmi..
    Check my blog and you will find flowers and love all your way..
    Last but not the least,better late than never is it so?
    enjoy my flowers and your anniversary dearies.

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