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Satrupa Shares her Diwali Moments

It’s been exactly a week since The Keybunch went MIA. Blame it on the gloomy weather and the wedding season. Diwali may be over but the flickering diyas linger on…through the Diwali moments shared by our readers. The festive spirit of the Diwali moments makes you want them to last […]

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Sharing My Diwali Moments….

So, finally Diwali is over but the hangover remains. The left over sweets, oil in kadhai after the non-stop deep frying, the burnt cracker marks in the yard and one or two crackers that seem to pop up from nowhere  never lets you forget the bright weekend that was. […]

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Sameera and Ashish Share Their Diwali Moments

Peacock feathers, Flowers, Lanterns…Perfect table setting, isn’t it? The Diwali Dhamaka is bang on! Sameera and Ashish based in Houston Texas share their Diwali moments with us. The entire house was lit up lights, lamps and diyas. The rangolis, flowers and sweets add divinity to the festive charm. Hmm, I’ll […]