Satrupa Shares her Diwali Moments

It’s been exactly a week since The Keybunch went MIA. Blame it on the gloomy weather and the wedding season. Diwali may be over but the flickering diyas linger on…through the Diwali moments shared by our readers. The festive spirit of the Diwali moments makes you want them to last forever…and our carnival ensures the mood stays on at least for a month if not for a year :).

Satrupa blogs at Food for thought and she shares her Diwali moments with us. I love the presentation and the photography on her blog, maybe I should take some tips from her :).

Amazing how simple things like playdough turn into fantastic creations

I love the idea of placing diyas over the Diya rangolis

Do check out her blog for some amazing recipes with a visual treat. Of course, you’ll be seeing some special corners of her home as well. Watch out.

Check out these amazing brass diyas, just so perfect for the festivities.


  1. Love those rangolis….Next year there will be so much more to do during diwali thanks to your collective effort!

  2. Very Beautiful !Satrupa, Thanks for Sharing 🙂

  3. those are the most awesome rangolis ever.. specially the little diyas.. with the tea light in the middle.. I'll have to take that one from her for next year.. 🙂

  4. Beautiful Diwali setup Satrupa!…TFS Rekha 🙂

  5. Lovely rangolis…very beautiful!
    Although, Im very cusious to know what has Satrupa used to make these…would really like to know.

    Thanks for sharing these, Rekha.

  6. Love it.Next Diwali, all these ideas will be stolen and implemented.heh heh.

  7. Beautiful Diwali moments 🙂

  8. Great idea… Lovely creations…!!