5 Sparkling Diwali Festive Ideas

Wishing The Key Bunch readers a dhamakedar Diwali!
Diwali is an exciting time in India, and the preparations begin way ahead of the festive season. It’s also a good bonding time for families to get together and plan the shopping lists, gift ideas, menu and Diwali décor.
We have curated a couple of interesting blog posts that’ll help you come up with a sparkling Diwali this year. Go ahead and get inspired by these wonderful ideas.
Egg-carton fairy lights
 Image: themomviews.com
DIY Diwali Craft Ideas: If you enjoy handmade stuff and would love to try your hand at some DIY Diwali décor ideas, check out these recycling ideas for DIY Diwali décor from themomviews.com. Find interesting ideas on using sea shells, cinnamon sticks, and glass jars to light up your Diwali night.
Orange-peel Diya
More Diwali DIY Ideas: Mommygyan offers some interesting Diwali décor ideas using egg cartons, orange peel, bottle caps, cupcake liners and salt dough.
Diwali Gifttag
Image: A Creative Project
Gift tags for Diwali: Purnima shows how to create your own artistic Diwali gift tags on her blog.
Diwali Rangoli  Ideas on The Key Bunch Pinterest Board
Diwali Decor Ideas on The Key Bunch Pinterest Board
Diwali  Décor ideas and Rangolis: Rangolis are an integral part of Indian festivities. If you are looking for some interesting ideas, do check out our Pinterest boards for Diwali Rangolis.  We also have a dedicated board for inspiring Diwali décor ideas.
Diwali Diet Tips: Last but not the least,  we know you can’t resist the sweets on Diwali. This post not only gives you tips on preparing yourself for Diwali but also has information on calories in Indian sweets, dieting tips and the number of minutes you must sweat out each time you gobble a serving J
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Check out these amazing brass diyas, just so perfect for the festivities.

Do share your diwali celebrations with us, write to us at thekeybunch at gmail dot com and we’ll be glad to feature your celebrations on our blog.


  1. Thanks for featuring my gift tags in your Diwali finds!! so sweet of you!! love the egg carton fairy lights and the other ideas featured by you!!!

  2. What a lovely curated post Rekha!


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