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Warli in my home

I am writing this post with a sad heart. Yesterday’s Mumbai blasts took away the breadwinners of so many honest, hardworking, well-meaning families, and my heart goes out to them! Another sad day for our country…when will all this end, will it ever end? =========================================================== I hope you are all […]


July Carnival: Warli

Warli Key Chain Holder The Key Bunch is having a carnival after a long gap. Warli is one of my favorite art form. My fascination for Warli started when I saw some beautiful art work on the compound of an artist’s house. A couple of geometrical patterns are all you […]


Artist Profile: Punchi Mahtani

One look at Punchi’s work and I was floored! Terracotta, ceramics, fabric and bamboo decorated with stunning intricate Warli, Madhubani, Pueblo, Aboriginal Dot paintings – all beautiful tribal arts from India and around the world. I had never seen work like this before. I didn’t waste time connecting with her, […]


DIY: Warli Name board

The last day of February spells the last day of our Feb DIY carnival. Have you checked out all the entries? They are so creative, you must go have a look before the event ends. And, if you haven’t yet participated, it is still not too late! Here’s my last […]


Wall decor ideas

I am always charmed by wall motifs, especially the ones that don’t come preset in wallpaper but are hand made, block printed or even stuck on creatively. Recently, a friend wanted something interesting on her wall. So we set about googling for some inspiration. Here’s what we found. Beautiful wall […]


Warli Art: Simplicity Redefined!

Complicated art is a big NO for me. I would rather have something on my wall that I can relate to and feel in-sync with it; that’s the reason why I am attracted to folk/tribal art. It’s amazing how people those days came up with simple ideas to re-do their […]



Welcome to our blog. The Key Bunch is officially live, and we are thrilled to bits! We Rekha and Sharon, the writers of this blog, met online, worked together on a couple of projects, and have been friends ever since! The idea of this blog is to feature striking, vibrant, […]