Wall decor ideas

I am always charmed by wall motifs, especially the ones that don’t come preset in wallpaper but are hand made, block printed or even stuck on creatively. Recently, a friend wanted something interesting on her wall. So we set about googling for some inspiration. Here’s what we found.

Beautiful wall art for continuity of colors
Beautiful wall art for continuity of colors


A pretty wall decal
A pretty wall decal


wall motif made with a stencil
This is not as tough as it looks
It’s been made with a stencil. Have a look at the tutorial


wall motif made with a stencil
The tutorial for this one is here


the gorgeous motif was made using a stencil
This gorgeous motif was made using a stencil


A pretty Fleur Elise Design using stencils
A pretty Fleur Elise Design using Stencils


For a royal look, there is nothing like gold motifs on a dark wall
For a royal look, there is nothing like gold motifs on a dark wall
Image courtesy: Bhutan Foreign Ministry


A pineapple motif done for a client by artist Susan Gonzales
A pineapple motif done for a client
by artist Susan Gonzales


wall decor motif using stencil
You can buy stencils at this Etsy.
However, these lovely paisley designs are sold out!


Patricia's warli art on her wall
This is Patricia’s warli art on her wall.
Head over to Colors Dekor for the full post

And what has my friend decided on? A block printed wall! I am so excited and can’t wait to get started on it. I love the block she has picked up. It’s very Jaipuri and it will be a great India touch to her walls!

Images are courtesy Google Search unless otherwise mentioned. If you want to claim credit for any of these pictures, contact me


  1. Wall motifs looks pretty on the wall. Loved the color combo of Bhutan FM and the stencil design by etsy is simply beautiful.

  2. Lovely post…i love the paisley motif…oh yes jaipur is such a lovely place to pick blocks from…in tons of ofcourse…;)

  3. Oh.. they look so pretty.. What a lovely post!! Love all the stencil work.. Wish I had the patience for that..

    I just love to see colours & creativity on walls. Also love trying out new things on the wall

    I got a few blocks from Jaipur to try on my wall this time… but none of them worked.. so if your friend is successful.. please let me know what paints she used and how she got about doing it.

    I was shocked to see my wall… and am honoured… Thank you.. thank you for the mention!!

  4. lovely decor idea,i luved the block ones,..

  5. hi wall motifs look colorful..I've seen some in the store, which with a glue sticky, so anytime you want to change it to a diff design, its easy…check pier1 imports website, they get stuff from India

  6. Love the post about wall decor.It brings life and vibrancy to the wall. It becomes more like a inspiration wall:)
    I have made vinyl motifs with warli figures, designs and trees to bring charm to the plain white walls in my apartment.
    Love the small motif done by Susan. might try out making vinyl paisley on my wall..
    Thanks for sharing the inspiring pics.

  7. Everybody, glad you loved the inspiration. I am a big fan of block printed walls, Warli on the wall and wall tattoos. Patricia, you won't believe the number of times I have visited your Warli link just to look, stare and ponder:)Will keep you informed of the outcome.
    The blocked wall photos will be up here soon.

    Many thanks,

  8. Loved the post…..I too have tried using block prints on the wall but haven't been succesful, curious to see if you can do it sharon

  9. I like the motif on wall, good post,
    Happy birthday btw….

  10. Hi Rekha will definitely let you know.

    BR, thanks a ton!:)I had a lovely day.

  11. Great post! Thanks for the links to the tutorials. I think I'll be tossing it around in my mind now for some time 🙂

  12. very good ideas to re-invent beauty at our homes. Very nice article with a great set of photos as usual. Thanks for sharing!

  13. These are some interesting ideas for decorating walls… i must say it was indeed a pleasure seeing some of them…we can also make use of accessories like bird danglers and hooks being offered by Adipa

  14. I am stunned by how beautiful this looks and it is so easy on the budget!

  15. Beautiful! Btw, other than Etsy shop, there are a fairly good, inexpensive wall decals in Target (US only stores) and other sources online…