July Carnival: Warli

Warli Key Chain Holder
Warli Key Chain Holder

The Key Bunch is having a carnival after a long gap. Warli is one of my favorite art form. My fascination for Warli started when I saw some beautiful art work on the compound of an artist’s house. A couple of geometrical patterns are all you need to tell a story! Amazing, isn’t it?

I tried my hand at creating this Warli Keybunch holder for my daughter who loves to collect key bunches. Of course, it doesn’t look professional… but my li’l one loved it. I am curious to see and learn more about warli art. There can’t be a better way than the carnival to share warli ideas. Bring out the warli art in your home and share it with us.

This is how you join the party –

1. Do a “Warli” post on your blog. It has to be ‘your’ photograph of the art form. The art need not be a painting only, it can be an artefact, a dress, accessory..you get the idea.
2. Please do not use images from other sources.
3. Link back to our blog ‘thekeybunch.com’
4. Copy the ‘permalink’ from your “Warli” post.
5. Add your ‘permalink’ to the ‘inlinkz’ at the bottom of this post.
6. Click the link before you. As always you can leave a comment and spread the word around. The more the merrier, what say?
7. If you don’t have a blog, you can always email your pictures to thekeybunch@gmail.com.



  1. aweesome party!! Rekha.. I love warli too.. I'll join in with an earlier post for sure.. 🙂

  2. Warli art is such a beautiful and interesting form of art.Thanks Rekha for this carnival.I am loving the key holder:)

  3. wanted to create warli art for long, carnival might make me do just that and key holder looks great.

  4. Loving all the posts. Such a versatile art – on so many surfaces! I've linked up :).

  5. nice oppurtunity for us to showcase our stuffs.

  6. wow…!! Awesome…. !!! Beautiful keyholder…!!

  7. warli is an artform which creates a lot of movement in your mind. lets you thinking what next…..i just love this and since there are no rules in doing this…i think one's creativity can be put to the fullest use…

  8. Hey Sharon, Rekha,

    I haven't been able to add my link can you please do that .


  9. First time here… and first time with Warli… thanks for the opportunity to shawcase it here 🙂

  10. nice arts….loved each and every click 🙂

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