Artist Profile: Punchi Mahtani

Punchi Mahtani artist work

One look at Punchi’s work and I was floored! Terracotta, ceramics, fabric and bamboo decorated with stunning intricate Warli, Madhubani, Pueblo, Aboriginal Dot paintings – all beautiful tribal arts from India and around the world. I had never seen work like this before. I didn’t waste time connecting with her, and found Punchi to be gracious and warm, despite her fame. Yes, she was famous, as I realised the very next week when I saw her name in the Pune papers!

Below, I give you the artist’s own words interspersed with some pictures of her work.

Tribal art and ancient symbols silhouetted against an array of tribal motifs, the connection with the elements of nature, all form a place of sanctuary for me. I feel that powerful connection and the spirits reaching out to me.

Punchi Mahtani artist work
Indian motifs handpainted on a
bone china coffee mug/platter set

My paintings are not only decorative, but also a spontaneous outpouring of my emotions. They reflect my perception of life, expression, individuality and interpretation of the world around me. From these ancient motifs, all life springs forth.

Punchi Mahtani artist work
Black/White Pueblo print on canvas

Tribal art has been the closest to my heart as I feel it provides an insight into our ancient culture and civilization. I like working with these art forms and it has always been my desire to increase the awareness of quality tribal art.

The Pueblo art form for example is over 2000 years old and originate in the S. American region of Mexico. The unbroken white lines (see picture above) are used so that the soul of the painter remains free. Mostly earthy colors like black, white, ochre, sap green and burgundy are used.

Punchi Mahtani artist work
Handpainted Madhubani
terracotta coasters

I am equally comfortable working on pottery, bamboo, porcelain, fabric, glass and canvas. Seeing these motifs come alive on mediums such as the bamboo rain stick which mimics the sound of falling rain, to usable pieces like the mugs and platters are what keeps me coming back to these art forms.

Punchi Mahtani artist work
Madhubani fish handpainted on
bone china platter

I hope you enjoy using my items as much as I have enjoyed painting them. – Punchi

Yes, you can enjoy owning Punchi’s pieces because she is selling her work on Style Radha, and you lucky people can order the pieces displayed in this post. Just click here!



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