Decor Basics: Summer Decorating Ideas

Summer Decorating Ideas - Home decor

The season of boundless sunshine, laid-back easiness, and cool indulgences is underway. This means it is time to rethink and retouch your home décor and prep up your space for those woefully warm summer days. Summer is as much a state of mind as it is a season. As lingering summer days melt into balmy nights, switching to a warm weather decor will only help to ease the seasonal transition and ensure that your home looks, feels, and stays easy, breezy throughout. Simple changes like swapping heavy rugs for clean, bare floors, using plenty of cool, lightweight furnishings, and incorporating some lovely greens will make your homes summer ready in a snap. Go ahead and pick your decorating ideas for this summer.

Update your cushions and throws

Swap your velvet, silk, and tweed cushions and throws with breezy linens and printed cottons to create a casual, colorful, and summery indoors.

TUNI's beautiful cushion covers

TUNI’s beautiful cushion covers from this post

Go Green

To add some organic appeal and instant freshness to your home space, use loads of succulents. These tiny little plants are absolutely fuss-free, can do with very little TLC, and make a perfect addition to any summery tablescape.

Sarmistha's DIY stencil on wooden chair

Pic via Sarmistha’s DIY stencil on wood feature here

Refashion the room

Make your home feel brand new by rearranging your furniture and cutting down on clutter. Stow away all heavy draperies, accessories, and additional knick-knacks. The idea is to create a feeling of openness.

May's summer garden

May’s lovely summer garden

A Heart for Art

Light up dark, gloomy walls with spunky, colorful art pieces. You can shop for a cost-effective, state-making one anywhere online or at flea markets and resale shops. A perfect blank-wall solution for large, open rooms!

Anu Gummaraju's Bangalore apartment - masks

Pic via this home tour of Anu Gummaraju’s Bangalore apartment

Flirty and Floral

There can be no better way to provide an instant mood lift to a room than using bright botanical prints. You can use floral fabrics on your upholsteries, beddings, tableware to give instant spunk to your décor.

spring decorating - Flirty and FloralPic via this post on our blog about spring decorating

Garden Fresh

Give your home a summery mood-lift with fresh, bright blooms in orange, radiant yellow, or vibrant pink. Clusters of bright blooms look cheery and create an undeniable summer time vibe. Use simple, earthy vases, or repurpose a barni

barni with fresh flower

Pic via Karishma Madan’s home tour on this blog

Summer Scents

Summer means it’s time to switch from gingerbread and evergreen to ocean breeze or cucumber-melon, or the simple, stunning scent of roses. The cue is to use scents of the season indoors for that perfect summery feeling.

spring summer picnikPic via our spring-summer carnival in 2011

A splash of colour

Give your home a color update this summer. Add accessories in happy summer colors like blues, yellows, and greens to brighten up a space. Get a modern, designer rug from BAZAARVELVET.COM to make the room pop!

summer decor home tour

Pic from Deepa and Sriram’s summer decor home tour

Freshen up

Let fresh air fill your home by opening your windows, and place a houseplant next to your bathroom sink to help filter the air. Some of the best air-cleaning houseplants are snake plants, spider plants, English ivy, and small-leafed rubber plants.

Summer Decor

More delightful summer pics here

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