Upcycled Antique Singer Sewing Machines {old world charm}

There is no denying the charm of an old sewing machine. Have you got one with you? Apart from the sentimental value – your grandmother used it to make your mother’s wedding gown! – sewing machines are charming additions to your decor.

Here are some wonderful ways to display those antique beauties.

A suspended wine caddy

This would also work as a general purpose shelf for books, spoons, etc.

A dreamy wash stand

Teal is a lovely color for re-purposed antiques! Pic via

As a table

A pretty teal writing table! Pic via

Re-purpose the legs on a new table! Pic via

A corner table for a pretty vignette via

Ironing table! Pic via

As a bench

I think it will look lovely painted white, on a wrought iron bench too!

Aren’t these ideas lovely? Of course, in the Indian context, a sewing machine if re-purposed with a pretty wooden table top, is a great vignette piece for your brass collection.

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