Vignettes from Karishma & Anish’s home in Korea

I first ‘saw’ Karishma (her pic rather) on Facebook, when her cousin posted wedding pics of Karishma and Anish. She made a beautiful blushing bride, and the pictures were shot so beautifully that they went a bit viral, and the comments kept pouring in. I did my share of going back and looking, once, sometimes twice a day – I am a big fan of wedding pics! Besides the gorgeous bride and her dashing groom, there was something else that caught my eye in her wedding pics. The old-world charm and architectural details, the beauty and the drama of her parental home in Bhopal.

Cut to a couple of weeks back, when Karishma and I connected via The Keybunch page on Facebook. We got talking, and I realised she was now based in Korea, and I loved the colorful, warm, charming little decor touches that have gone into making her home look fabulous! Her home is a lovely blend of natural elements, peaceful Buddhas in serene corners, pre-loved or new but really eye-catching vases and more! I had to share a few corners ๐Ÿ™‚

So here we are, with Karishma giving you little bytes of information on the beautiful vignettes she has created in her home!

Books are an integral part of the character and decor in our home. Some of Anish’s favorite ones find themselves propped against vases on consoles and shelves…

I love, love, love cushions. And the more colorful, the better. I also love floor
seating and here you see one such arrangement with a mattress and some of my favorite cushions on it.

A few plants, throw in some flowers in a nice ceramic milk jug and give me a comfortable cane chair and I can lose myself in my thoughts for hours on end, staring out of the balcony window, watching the world pass by ๐Ÿ™‚

A lot of the stuff you see in my home is the result of DIY projects. Here you see coasters that I made from Korean handmade paper in the shape of water lilies.

I love collecting buddhas in all forms. Here you see two of them, one that is carved out of wood. The other in brass is one that I really love. It’s a gift from my mother in law.

I love rustic decorโ€ฆsuch as this โ€˜barneeโ€™ that I carried from India and now use as a vase in our home ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s another Buddha, a gift from a dear friend that is very precious to me and was the first in my collection…

Other than writing and photography, I love to paint and my husband loves to see
my own art adorn the walls of our home. Here you see one of my oil paintings,
titled ‘Ecstasy’ on the wall.

Karishma, it was a pleasure having you here. Thanks for sharing these beautiful vignettes of your home in Korea.

And for us dear readers, there are lots of take-aways from this beautiful home – For one, it’s always a pleasure to see traces of Indianness in the homes of Indians abroad. Karishma’s lovely incorporation of the old ‘barnee’ into her decor is a nice, subtle way of doing this. So also the bursts of color from her cushions.

I also loved the way fresh flowers add so much character to her home.

I loved that Anish encourages her to paint and display her own art in their home!

What did you like best about this gorgeous space? Tell Karishma and Anish in the comment section below ๐Ÿ˜€

Karishma has a home and garden blog called ‘A Treat for the Senses’. You could connect with her on her FB page here.

Pic credit Karishma Banerji Madan. Please do not copy or distribute for commercial or non-commercial purposes without her explicit permission.


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  1. Beautiful Karishma as always….loved the Indian bethak. When we were living apt I had created one. Your cushions are very pretty. Thanks for sharing Sharon.

  2. I loved seeing new corners of Karishma's home……..her sense of style and design is impeccable. No doubt that she is a woman of many talents.
    A lovely read.Thank you for putting this together Sharon.

  3. kini hanya tinggal kenangan yang akan ku lupakan,. obat batuk untuk bayi

  4. oh wow!! I love that diwaan.. with all those cushions.. Nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Loved the flower arrangements Karishma and the Buddha arrangements.Thanks for the feature Neha.