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Window frame from Trash to Treasure

Here is a wonderful makeover idea from an American children’s clothes designer, Gretchen Schock-Skovron. Gretchen always had this great idea of using an old window frame as part of her interior decor. When she finally saw one going free, she wasted no time taking it home. This is what it […]

Loose Ends: Stuff less ordinary!

If you happen to be house proud and enjoy things that are unusual, you shouldn’t miss Loose Ends, a lifestyle store located in Bandra, Mumbai. The store promises to stock refreshingly eclectic day-to-day stuff that have the classic ‘Made-in-India’ feel and things you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Some […]

Pretty potpourri X’mas pouches

Make beautiful potpourri pouches for your X’mas trees. They will not only look interesting, but will smell good too! Many thanks to Cristina and her niece Inês who have worked really hard putting this tutorial together for us. To make these beautiful potpourri pouches you will need: – 2 pieces […]

Festive Art: Candle decor for X’mas

First off, the Mumbai terrorist attacks have saddened all us Indians and I am sure all you readers from across the globe too. It was such a gloomy day watching the news networks, and I almost didn’t feel like posting this one. On to the post. Here’s a great way […]

Using flowers in your ethnic decor..

Flowers brighten up even the dullest corners. But there’s a wee bit more you can do. Combine flowers with your ethnic ware – pots, statues, artifacts and crafts – and the effect is unbelievably stunning! Like so. Chandan Dubey Kaberi Kar Gupta Chandan Dubey Chandan Dubey Chandan Dubey Chandan Dubey […]

Eco-friendly VivaTerra

Despite knowing the value of using eco-friendly products, we often don’t end up buying them either because they are highly priced, lack aesthetics, or sometimes, because they are simply ‘different’. So, I felt rather serendipitous when I chanced upon Vivaterra.com, an eco products site that blends great colors, designs and […]

A Touch of Glass

A glass mural mosaic for floor installation sourced from Alibaba.com There’s something special about the medium of glass. So much can be done with it. Use glass in your decor and watch your space come alive with warmth and beauty. Indian glass work is a craft that has been fine […]