Handmade stuffed Ornaments to pretty up your tree

Handmade stuffed ornaments to decorated tree
Handmade decoration for tree
Handmade stuffed ornaments to pretty up the christmas tree

Those ornaments will look just perfect on your X’mas tree. If you are wondering how to get hold of them, well, you can make them right at home.

Constança Cabral makes these beautiful Christmas ornaments by hand. When I saw her work, I requested her for a tutorial, to share with my blog readers, and she readily agreed. She has put up the tutorial on her blog, so go get it! Also visit Constança’s etsy shop here.

Happy holidays! 🙂 ,


  1. These are charming ! I love the unique colors … . the blue is so cheery .. and the designs feel both traditional and contemporary.
    Thanks for sharing these etsy goodies.

  2. Glad you liked them Judith 🙂

  3. hey wonderful idea..will surely implement them this time ..thanx dear

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