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An Indian store with fresh, contemporary designs

Table linen There’s a beautiful new home decor site called Stylkist that a friend alerted me to. I loved it because the product designs were so fresh and different. They speak of strong influences of contemporary French and American design. Silver Kenzo To my delight, I realized that the design was not the only thing […]

Diwali gift ideas

I was browsing through some online stores in my quest for Diwali gifts, and here are some of the things that caught my attention. Shoppers Stop has just started its online store, and I picked up this cool flour sifter for the cake maker in my family. I also picked up this bed sheet set […]

ebay Watch: Taj Mahal Silk Knitted Cushion and Bolster Covers

We start the first of our ebay Watch series by bringing one of the Seven Wonders of the World right inside your living room. The charm of the monument of love is impossible to resist. Rekindle the romance and stir up a whiff of fresh look with the Taj Mahal Silk Knitted Cushion and Bolster […]

Creating your own personal festive Indian look

Bed linen and pottery in vibrant colors from Good Earth, Delhi The festive season is here. With Diwali and Christmas just around the corner, how about dressing your home in festive Indian colors? Imitating the Indian look is easy these days, and here are some great places to source your stuff from. Let’s begin with […]

Waveform – Unlimited shelving options

Waveform by John Paul Plauche If you are bored of the geometrical shelving systems and are craving for something unusual , take a look at Waveform, an unusual shelving system. Designed by John Paul Plauche, the wave form is a shelving system inspired by mathematical representations of waves and pulses. A unique frequency and amplitude […]

Nature Inspired Chandeliers

Rainbow Trout Chandelier – inspired by sealife There’s an element of luxury and elegance associated with chandeliers. Chandeliers add glamor and opulence to the interiors. Designers are taking cue from nature to come up with unique chandeliers that stand out of the crowd. Rain, monsoon, galaxy, star, and sea inspired chandeliers using blown glass baubles, […]

A Touch of Glass

A glass mural mosaic for floor installation sourced from There’s something special about the medium of glass. So much can be done with it. Use glass in your decor and watch your space come alive with warmth and beauty. Indian glass work is a craft that has been fine tuned over the centuries. From […]


Curios with an Indian Touch

Knick-knacks and curios add cheer to the empty spaces and dull corners of rooms. Right lighting around a curio helps create a focal point with a cozy ambiance. The best bet would be to scour unusual places and look out for things that stand out in the crowd. This one’s called Fishwala! Maharaja-Maharani Pots Wood […]


Art Easel: Romance of the Monsoons

Water color on paper by P. Mohan Kumar, Price: Rs. 5,000/- I received a brochure today inviting me to an art exhibition in my hometown Mangalore. The exhibition, currently on at the Orchid Art Gallery is all about the monsoons, and is aptly titled ‘Romance of the Monsoon’. I presume the work was all done […]


‘Self-Portrait’ – All Smiles!

‘Self-Portrait’ by Jake Cress Anything that’s unique grabs my attention first. Some products may not really serve the purpose but promise to be great conversation starters. They stand out in the crowd, make you smile, drool and admire. Jake Cress is a master craftsman who creates unusual pieces of furniture that make you laugh. ‘Self-Portrait’ […]