Drool – ‘Plastic Nature’ by Alexander Pelican

the drool plastic worthy chair by Alexander Pelican

I have been busy this month with endless travel plans and chauffeuring kids around to summer classes while Sharon is busy shifting base. Please bear with us until things falls in place. I leave you with this drool worthy chair by Alexander Pelican in which he fuses plastic into wood to create an unusual chair. You can spot his works here.


  1. enjoy ur break and come bck soon,.

  2. I hope all is falling into place with
    you and Sharon and she'll soon be
    settled in –


  3. totally love the chair. i checked the website n i thnk i m more partial to a splash of color rather than the bland white… but hey i ll take both ;>

  4. Surely works of passion…. I loved them all…. Very beautifully made… Its uniqueness speaks of its worth…. I would love to incorporate it in my card…someday….. 😉


  5. I love the mixed media work on the chair.. Really lovely! I have put up something for Sharon on my blog, since she's shifting. Hope she likes it!!

  6. Lovely!! Thanks for visiting my blog!pls keep visiting!

  7. That chair looks like it's been the recipient of some snow fall in just the right places:) What a quirky addition it will make to any home!

    Thanks everyone for the emails, wishes and enquiries about the new home. Actually I am away on holiday:). Yes we will be going straight to our new home when we return, but it;s hardly set up! It will be quit a task to arrange, and put everything up:) wish me luck, and thanks again for taking time out to write in to me!

  8. great post Sharon and Rekha! and I love the new look of the blog too!!

    Kanika- you have a lovely home! would love to see how it grows and develops!

  9. I love this chair! It is so whimsical and probably comfortable too!