House Tour: Kanika Bahl

What do you do when you are newly married, and have to move to a new city and set up home there? Kanika Bahl’s home should give you a tip or two on how to make your home warm, inviting Kanika Bahland beautiful without being furniture-heavy. She moved to Pune (my city and we are meeting up soon, yayyy!) earlier this year from Delhi, and her no-fuss home can give all you newly weds some really insightful ideas.

The best thing I liked about Kanika’s home is the Fabindia stuff. No, she didn’t splurge on it, but asked all her cousins to give her only Fabindia gift vouchers at her wedding so she could buy what she fancied in Pune rather than cart it all out from Delhi.

I love the way she has lovingly put her home together with whatever she and her brand new husband collectively own – the little memories of their courtship, memoirs from trips taken together, a bookshelf lined with their favorite books and embellished with cute keepsakes, and Kanika’s background in textile designing stepping in to provide warm, tasteful furnishings.

Have a look.

Kanika Bahl's home collectionclick on collage to enlarge

Kanika Bahl's home collection

Do visit Kanika’s blog for close-ups of these images. She has also started making lovely coasters like the ones in the first collage above (last column second row) for sale.


  1. Beautiful & motivating….. I would love to do it all up again…. but with time of course…. I loved the living…… The center table….. lovely!!!!


  2. Hi Sharon! Thank you for the lovely post and sharing my humble abode on your blog 🙂
    Let me know when you have a little time off for a coffee back in Pune!


  3. Love the key holder; is that a "bottled up" lamp? and the animals (am guessing from NID shop) … too cute! Nice cosy house you have pictured here, Sharon!

  4. Hopped over from Shruti's..
    love your living room.. feels so inviting and cozy…

  5. lovely abode of peace…very serene set up. love the way she used the small nick knacks. thanks for sharinf dear.

  6. Oh such a lovely post… I follow Kanikas blog and have seen these pics there.. and absolutley love the simplicity… Some of the images.. takes me a few years ago… when we started…

  7. simple and BEAUTIFUL! Love the cool colors and the knick knacks all over the house. Lovely home Kanika! And while we are at it..where did you buy such gorgeous paper for your coasters? I am loving it!

  8. The Paper was a whole set and a gift from my then boyfriend and now husband…he got it from Japan :)many years ago!


  9. Loved the home kanika, the efforts of putting together a chic home shows..

  10. Lovely post Sharon and a gorgeous home Kanika. I love your style!!

  11. lovely home,KAnika.i follow your blog and have seen these there in its full glory.Lovely.i loved it so much.the simplicity.i remember my times,when we also had alow bed and cushions and thts all.everything was like this.those times were so wonderful…happy times ahead ,kanika for you and thanks sharon…

  12. So many warm and personal details –


  13. I just discovered her great blog, too. I am having a great time perusing through your blog.

  14. Lovely home from what i can see but would have preferred seperate pictures!

  15. @Anon: The images are up on Kanika's blog, and that's why I put them up this way. Please head over to K's blog and see the complete pics.

    Thanks for your comment:)