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Want a slice of Bollywood in your home?

Hand painted Bollywood posters once dotted the rural and cityscapes all over the country. With digital media taking over, the art seems to have disappeared into the oblivion. Well, not quite. Thanks to people like Hinesh Jethwani, the brainchild behind Indian Hippy, handpainted posters and the artists behind them are […]

Home decor

Themed Inspirations: Cutlery

Don’t overlook the potential of the cutlery! Image What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I mention the word ‘cutlery’? Menu tonight, a delicious spread laid out on the dining table, or a pile of used cutlery waiting in the sink to be washed? Hmm, most […]

Home decor

Happy New Year dear readers

Another year is here. May Twenty Ten bring you all that you wish for, all that is good for you, and the best of the best, each day! In keeping with our fascination with wall art, benches, rustic interiors et al, here are some lovely inspirational images. Nothing like some […]