Want a slice of Bollywood in your home?

Hand painted Bollywood posters

Hand painted Bollywood posters once dotted the rural and cityscapes all over the country. With digital media taking over, the art seems to have disappeared into the oblivion. Well, not quite. Thanks to people like Hinesh Jethwani, the brainchild behind Indian Hippy, handpainted posters and the artists behind them are still thriving.

Indian Hippy plans to spice up Indian homes with Bollywood inspired functional décor products like fold-able chairs, coffee tables and portraits. Of course, there are accessories like wallets, belts, clutches and handbags too.

hand painted bollywood picture

Here’s what Hinesh had to say about his endeavour, “Indian Hippy offers a range of exclusive hand painted products available in limited edition formats that combine art and function. Painstakingly hand painted to perfection by acclaimed film poster artists from India, Indian Hippy strives to revive the traditional art of hand painted film posters. Indian Hippy’s designs are a kaleidoscopic attempt to capture the beauty and magic of blockbuster Indian films of both the past as well as the present age.”

“Our sole initiative is to revive the old charm of film poster art and hopefully give the last few remaining artists in this trade a platform to express their skill and creativity once again in front of people.”

hand painted bollywood poster

Indian Hippy gives you the option of customizing your own products, or even get your face painted in film poster! A nice way to recall the bygone era, what say? Oh btw, this post is dedicated to my co-blogger Sharon who is planning a bollywood corner in her new home.

You can catch up on more products here.


  1. Very very innovative…..I liked that chair with Madhubala….. looks very colorful….. & they were better of too…


  2. oooh thanks Rekha. Indian Hippy is where I am headed now!:) When I saw what your post was about, I couldn't stop grinning. How serendipitous that you chanced upon Indian Hippy for me! Thank you.

  3. Nice post and lovely stuff. I would love to do up a restaurant in bollywood theme. For my home? I dont think so, i am not at all a bollywood fan.

  4. Awesome ideation there! interesting collection of wearable apparel too! Good one, innovative for sure!

  5. Love the chairs !!! And I think I definitely need that fundoo belt 🙂

  6. This is so fun! Love Bollywood! My home tends to be in the minimalistic side, with a few antique pieces from back home and I will keep you r site in mind for possible additions.

  7. nice!!…loved to see a customized pic on the back rest….super!

  8. Thanks for the nice comments.
    Sharon, I am sure you are itching to pick up one of those products..

  9. very creative stuff…but mmm….not for my home! may be for a theme party or a restaurant

  10. oh this is gorgeous.. I've always wanted some sort of a Bollywood corner in my home… someday!! and I'll use all the stuff on this post!! Well done with this one… its an awesome post!!

  11. Sharon,

    This is superb! I love your blog! By the way, thanks so much for commenting on my home on artnlight!


  12. Very interesting:-)


  13. really cool…and what an Idea Sirji!

  14. Nalini, Arch, thanks for stopping by. Pat, Prachi, glad you loved the products.

  15. liked the filmy post.. pics are too good.

  16. the wallet with (thalaivar)rajinikanth's photo is too cool..have to buy that…thanks for the post..

  17. Deepa, head over to Indian hippy for more products.
    Uma, glad you liked the post.

  18. lovely would like to share this to my readers as well .

  19. Thats a wonderful post…lovely pics!

    Thanks for stopping by at my place and for your kind comment:)

  20. Joining you in your journey…:)))
    Cheers to both of you…Rekha and Sharon!

  21. Hey
    visiting keybunch after many days.The first thing i noticed was the header and let me tell you,its beautiful.
    This post and even your last post on the Rajboori collection was amazing!

  22. Hi sharon!

    just loved ur post..though not that aesthetically incli ned myself, must say most of the posts were eye openere.n just loved the concept of the key bunch!keep up the good writing!

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