Themed inspirations: Feather obsessed accessories

Peacock feather pillow designImage

I am obsessed with anything that spells peacock these days. This obsession stems from my childhood memories where we used to keep a peacock feather in between our note books so that it would double up after a couple of day (no clue who started this rumor). So each one of us would exchange notes as to how their feathers were doing. Anyways, to cut the long story short, my fascination for the jewel toned peacock feathers started then.

I found some lovely peacock feather motif interior design ideas and accessories for the feather obsessed. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend using everything in a single room, they look good with the appropriate color scheme. Take a look.

peacock interior tent theme inspirationImage

peacock feather on cabinetImage

peacock feather art framesImage 1, 2 and 3

peacock feather design on vaseImage 1, 2 and 3

peacock feather design on candlesImage 1 and 2

partition board printed in peacock feather designImage

peacock feather printed on table lampImage

Theme based interiors or color based interior, what’s your pick?


  1. Color-based for me! With a few themey corners maybe:)

    Great post, Rekha!

  2. peacock feather is beautiful! The colour combination is simply wow:) beautiful accessories:)

  3. Oh beautiful beautiful post- funnily I was just thinking that I must put together a peacock feather post 🙂 But your stuff is just beautiful!

  4. I always loved Peacock feathers, had a collection in India. Great post.

  5. Beautiful.. beautiful.. just so pretty.. I like the cabinet.. I have an old cabinet.. and maybe sometime this year.. I will draw a few peacock feathres on it.. huummm… thanks for the ideas!!

  6. u guys always come up with awesome ideas,..:-)

  7. navilgari designs are beautifulll..I would go with color based interiors 😀

  8. I am game for feathers based themes as long as we don't interfere with the birds and their lives to make vibrant decoration for ourselves.

    Drawing inspiration from such feathers is always a good idea. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. beautiful post rekha! I just uploaded a peacock painting that i did for an exhibtion recently! wish i knew u were collecting pics for this post!:-)


  10. This is such a fab post !!! Love the chest and the candles 🙂 and all the other accessories as well. Very inspirational 🙂

  11. Saron, rachana, vineeta, moha, laksmi, pat, glad you loved the post.

    Veda, I will be glad to add your painting to the post.

  12. I just did a post on hand painted feathers myself but its on clothes.

    Um.. Vintage-y drawer cabinet, be mine?

    Been spending time here. Very inspiring! 🙂

  13. U have a gr8 blog here Rekha .. loved the decor ideas 🙂
    And this post took me bk to those days too when we used to believes flowers/ leaves/ petals anything wud double up 😛 😛

  14. Swaram, thanks for dropping by..
    ROC – You have a lovely blog too, loved the jewelery you have designed.

  15. Not a huge fan of peacock feathers…but definitely love the color combo…so colors for me..for sure!

  16. Hi Rekha,

    do add my pic to this post! hadnt checked my mails in a long time thats why the delay!:-)


  17. hey we missed meeting ! i did not know u were from bangalore…we could have surely met….I did meet a few bloggers….

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