Themed Inspirations: Cutlery

lamp made from cutlery
Don’t overlook the potential of the cutlery!


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I mention the word ‘cutlery’? Menu tonight, a delicious spread laid out on the dining table, or a pile of used cutlery waiting in the sink to be washed? Hmm, most of us can’t think beyond these lines, right? Could you dress up your walls with them, hang them on the ceiling or turn them into center pieces? Maybe you’ll want some sterling cutlery to make your new masterpiece as shiny as possible.

Give creative heads a set of cutlery and watch them turn these into beautiful pieces of adorable art. Take a look at some unusual and out-of-the-box cutlery inspired décor accessories in our continuing series of themed inspirations.

Chandelier light made from cutlery
Unusual way of spicing up your kitchen or dining, isn’t it?


cutlery wall decor in dining room
Would you put this up in your dining?


cutlery wall decor hanging at the wall
You know what to do when you are falling short of knives and forks!


cutlery wall clock hanging at the wall
Can there be a better way to remind dinner time?


chandelier teacups hanging light
This is one of my favorites, I wouldn’t mind teacups hanging over my head!


Cutlery chair
This is definitely the heights of creativity! What say?


All said and done, how comfortable are you with knives and forks looming over your head or staring at you from the walls?


  1. Genius post.. this one! well done!! Love the clock… cups over my head… & the spoon lantern.. wow!! This could probably be on my DIY list…

  2. OMG! How fun are these! very creative. I LOVE those clocks, gorgeous.

  3. How creative are these… I especially liked the chair!!!

  4. nice pics,..wish u guys happy holi

  5. THis is super cool 🙂 I simply love the wine glasses on the chandelier. I have seen people put up larger than life forks and spoons on their wall mainly kitchen or dining. But these are completely wacky and nice. Lovely post.

  6. Excellent post Rekha, I heart these ideas. I would be totally cool with cutlery on my clocks and walls, tea cups on my head, and overhead access to them in my kitchen:)

  7. loved this post rekha,….

  8. OMG!!first time here..ur blog is really awesome, & so are the creative arts!!
    thanks for dropping by:)

  9. Thanks all, Keep dropping by for more visual treats.

  10. loved the stainless cutlery clock and the vase-lamp…great post!

  11. Whoo, looks ur collections…

  12. malar, prachi, glad u loved the post.

  13. ya…its heights of creaitivyt..but i liked some the wooden spoon and fork set which can be put on a is little beyond imagination

  14. incredible cutlery art. great post.

  15. Deepa, sayantani ..thanks