My Christmas Home – A Photo feature

This is a late post, and I am so sorry – but I didn’t want to not document my Christmas 2021 images.

This year I was excited about the new doughbowl that we had made and the Etikoppa Nativity Set that is really a milestone product for us, as it will set the tone for future products on our store.

Christmas home decor | Rustic Christmas table centerpiece with metal candles stand and fir leaves at the living room
Christmas home decor | Christmas centerpiece with metal candle stands

The Bhavnagiri Jhoola was the first part of my home to get ready for Christmas. I found this lovely checked red and white fabric at Dastakar Pune, and I instinctively knew it would look good. It is extremely soft, handwoven, and I am so glad that I picked it up!

Christmas home decor | Doughbowl are filled with old Kashmiri bowl, Vietnamese jar and pine cones

This was the first CHRISTMAS look for my doughbowl. I didn’t have too many doughbowl fillers, but by the end of the Christmas season, my doughbowl saw a couple of transitions. I sourced all my doughbowl fillers from Amazon.

Christmas home decor | The houses and tree from Christmas Village collection at thekeybunch store

This is one of my consoles, featuring the houses and tree from my Christmas Village collection. You can buy them here. The tractor will come to our store soon, and I use it because of the nostalgia associated with my childhood, when my family managed a company coffee estate, and sometimes my dad would take me for tractor rides.

Christmas home decor | Christmas doughbowl centerpiece in purple color

In the first week of Advent, the colours are purple, so I created a purple accented look on the doughbowl. The little trees are actually chanaptna bottle stoppers!

Christmas home decor | Christmas products 2021 collection from thekeybunch store

This image won a lot of hearts on my feed this Christmas. The stockings are made by a dear friend Soumya Thomas. You must bookmark her for beautiful stitched accessories through the year. The cycle will be another addition to our Christmas 2022 collection. The house on the far left was part of our Christmas 2020 collection, and currently out of stock The candles are from our teak wood collection.

Christmas home decor | A doughbowl with Christmas products in a simple and stylish centerpiece for home decoration

Another look for the doughbowl. It is such a versatilepiece, and this look includes a few tea pot collectibles, and you will remember the tree and candlestands from the previous images.

Christmas home decor | A doughbowl with red color is a cool centerpiece for Christmas home decor
Christmas home decor | Christmas table centerpiece decor

This entire look actually came about to complement the stunning red Gujrathi wall hanging that I picked up from Dastakar. Only the bottom edge is visible here.

Christmas home decor | A unique Etikoppaka Nativity Set, with Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, 3 Kings and angel, all creatively represented in the Etikoppaka art form

The Etikoppaka Nativity Set was our star product this year. Here’s a link to read more about how it was made via my collab with Tvami.

Christmas home decor | Set of Christmas house and church made by mango wood and hand painted
Christmas home decor | Decorations ideas for Christmas Tablescapes
Christmas home decor | Christmas tree decoration

This year, the tree was adorned very simply. Our wood slices were the stars. They were one of our most popular items this Christmas, and are painted by artist Christine Kale. I also picked up little paper ornaments from Priya who creates handmade products under the label Crafted Tales. Pretty plaid bows with ribbon sourced from Amazon, finished our tree nicely.

Christmas home decor | A handmade Christmas ornament - JOY letters
I picked these handmade JOY letters from an Instagram seller. I will update his insta id soon, as I don’t have it handy currently.
Christmas home decor | Doughbowl as throws storage

My doughbowl also held our spare throws for part of the Christmas break. We watched a ton of movies, and it was so easy to just pull out a throw and snuggle! It also gives a warm, lived in feel to use your doughbowl as decorative storage sometimes!

Christmas home decor | A doughbowl with gold leaves, handmade paper ornaments and pinecones

TWe keep our Christmas decorations on all the way up to Jan 6, and I really enjoy changing things around New Year’s. This was another look for my doughbowl. his was my New Year look for the doughbowl. It is mainly a whole lot of gold leaves sourced from Amazon, and Priya’s handmade paper ornaments, with some pine cones that my family and I picked up during a holiday in Kodaikanal years ago!

Christmas home decor | A beautiful Christmas tree

A not so perfect picture, but this is the only pic I have of my full Christmas tree. It also beautifully shows off the wood slices, Priya’s ornaments, the ribbons, etc. And don’t miss the pretty tree collar that will be available in my 2022 Christmas collection!

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