Doughbowls in Christmas Decor

Doughbowls Christmas decor | A dough bowl with Christmas products is a simple and stylish centerpiece for home decoration

Doughbowls for Christmas?!! But what are doughbowls? Doughbowls are traditionally not an Indian thing at all – not for the kitchen, and not for decor! This is because our country is not that cold, that the dough needs extra help rising. But I have been enamored by the humble doughbowl, and decided to offer it to Indians this year, and what a hit they have been!

Here are some amazing ways to use our doughbowls.

Doughbowls Christmas decor | A dough bowl with red color is a cool centerpiece for Christmas home decor
This was the very first look I created for Christmas
Doughbowls Christmas decor | Christmas dough bowl centerpiece in purple color
In the first week of Advent, I decided to add the colour purple in. As Purple is the color for the first week!
Doughbowls Christmas decor | Doughbowl are filled with old Kashmiri bowl, Vietnamese jar and pine cones
I love this look, because it makes everything look better – the doughbowl sets off the decor, and vice versa!
Doughbowls Christmas decor | Christmas coffee table decor
This is another angle of the previous doughbowl

One of our customers, Sanjukta – sent us this images of the way she styled our doughbowl, and we are in love!

Doughbowls Christmas decor | A Christmas centerpiece of a doughbowl filled with a candle, some plumosus fern greenery, pine cones and Christmas ball decor
Sanjukta Bose @plantiful_home

Here’s another view of Sanjukata’s doughbowl. I particularly love the way she has used that old distress-finished coffee table!

Doughbowls Christmas decor | Doughbowl on old distress-finished coffee table
Sanjukta Bose @plantiful_home

I always speak about how doughbowls need not be that bulky decor piece that you cannot store away. You need not. Because when you are not using it as a centre piece, you can use it to store anything! This is how my family and I used it during the Christmas break when we used to watch a lot of movies, and the doughbowl was handy storage for our throws. It was lovely to have them handy on cold evenings.

Doughbowls Christmas decor | An antique dough bowl used for storing throws and other stuff

You could also check these instagram reels on styling these doughbowls –
Reel 1

Reel 2

Reel 3

And finally, this was the New Year look for my doughbowl. I love the gold leaves and I think the simple, handmade paper ornaments are absolutely stunning!

A Doughbowls Christmas decor with gold leaves, handmade paper ornaments and pinecones

You can purchase our doughbowls throughout the year at our store.

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