Yellow Star

how to use brass in contemporary decor

by sharon dsouza


- a decor trend!

Brass compliments all kinds of interior styles. Learn how to make the best use of your brass items.

Use another stunning piece to 'reflect' your brass. Here, the stained glass on the brass lantern in my home is reflected in the old wooden window on the wall!

In my parents' home, this bright modern rug is in a minimal vintage modern setting, dominated by a large brass vessel, used as a planter.

Brass on a shelf always looks good. If it's a wooden book shelf with colourful accents, all the more better!

If you are a minimalist vintage afficionado, take a cue from this old weighing scale and brass, a conversation-starter for sure!

Naina Puthran's home in Copenhagen is a lovely ode to brass! The chequered floor and brass accents are a great example of brass in modern decor!

Mixing up brass and modern decor as Martine has done in her United States home, is a great marker for eclectic style in a global setting.

On the sideboard of my dining room, I sometimes place a vintage find. Today, it is a very old brass cookie mould, of Chettinad origin. 

A large brass lighting fixture is another lovely way to add brass in your room. Most online shopping sites sell large brass lighting fixtures, and you will be spoilt for choice!

Brass study lamps are another great way to add hints of brass into contemporary decor