We are featured in the Bangalore Mirror..

Sharon colaco interview

…in an article that speaks about blogging on topics totally unrelated to one’s professions. Both Shashi and I are freelance business/ technical writers, and I guess that’s why we were interviewed. We were happy to get featured, moreso because our blog was mentioned 🙂

It’s the monsoons and getting to do any work is pretty difficult – all I want to do is have some nice hot pakodas, washed down with fragrant filter coffee or milky tea, and then curl up on the couch with the latest Inside Outside, dreaming about my new home! The rains have a way of making you slow down, and just enjoy the freshness in the air! That I am off on a 2-week break tomorrow onwards, is not helping either!

Onion pakodas

Too lazy to even click my own chai-pakora pic, I borrow this one featuring onion pakodas from one of my fav food blogs, A Taste of Mysore. Thanks Lakshmi! A tea pic folks, may or may not follow 😉

And oh! the fab pendant light giveaway is still on, so do spread the word, and/or participate!


  1. Congratulations to both of you!

  2. Where am I? It is lovely here. I will stick around, I could learn something here!

  3. Monsoon and pagodas – it sounds very exotic and quite wonderful. Glad to have found you, xv.

  4. Blushing Hostess and Vicki, thanks for stopping by!:)

  5. The rains are slowing you down
    and the heat is slowing me down… .
    no need to fight it :
    life ebbs and flows.

  6. How cool! Congratulations!

  7. This is super cool.. Congrats!!

    Oh.. you away for two weeks… thats even more cool!!! Have a great time..

  8. Thank you for your comment and introducing me to your blog!

  9. Oh, those onion pakodas look delicious! And congratulations on your mention– how exciting! Thanks too for visiting and commenting on Under A Paper Moon. xx

  10. way to go
    By the way I changed my site address to https://chowandchatter.blogspot.com
    To match the name ! Love Rebecca

  11. Oh wow. Congratulations 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

    /Anna Caroline
    Design Studio 210

  12. Congrats to you gals….and also on your 100 post 🙂

  13. Congatulations!!! Your blog is lovely!!

  14. Congrats ..this is great..i rem the day when u msged me..sayin if i cud add u to my chatlist ..to talk bout bloggin 😉 rem..

  15. Thanks everybody. You played the biggest part in our success. Thank you!

  16. Oh, they do look yummy!

    Congratulations on your feature and your hundredth post! I knew you when…

  17. Rain does the same to me too,..ui am cravin for batata vada now,..

  18. oh how cool is this! many congratulations. pakoras? 🙁 now i'm home sick!