Sarangi, Chennai – Store Interiors (and Romance) ;)

There is nothing that can match the romance of a well-draped, beautiful Indian sari; there is nothing that can look more beautiful on a woman, and there’s nothing that can make a woman feel more beautiful! And Sarangi….a Chennai-based Sari shop has managed to augment this allure of the sari, and somehow capture it in their beautifully designed store interiors.

Sarangi entrance featured on

Sarangi belongs to the same group as Rasvihar (Rekha had written a Keybunch blog post on it here), so I can take an educated guess that the talented S.Ahalya is behind the gorgeous interiors. Here are the images of the store. I hear all the furniture, art pieces and decorative items have been sourced from various places in South India. 🙂

Sarangi wall art on Sarangi sign board on

Sarangi entrance bird
Symbolizing grace and confidence.

Did I use the word Romance up there? I did? Well, I am going to use it again! How many of you know the lovely South Indian Oonjal ceremony? It’s held before the actual wedding, and is a wonderful tradition where the couple sits and swings together holding hands while the women of both sides of the family wash their feet, feed them milk and fruit and dispense coloured riceballs in all directions to invoke blessings from everywhere. What’s the connection with the store? The sari of course! For the Oonjal, the bride gets a special sari just for this ceremony -usually picked out in gorgeous morning colours like mango, yellow, maroon or green in lustrous Kanjivaram silk. So this is a sari store, and look what it’s got? An oonjal!

Sarangi oonjal, joola indian swing, wooden on
Say the people at Sarangi, “Right at the entrance, the beautiful wooden
oonjal suspended with traditional metal ropes is a great spot
to sit and collect your thoughts or swing a little bit to leave
your worries behind. Many of our patrons enjoy a peaceful moment on
their way in or out of Sarangi – right here on this Oonjal.”

Sarangi oonjal, joola indian swing, wooden on
For brides-to-be who come here to shop, many look at it
knowing that their ‘oonjal‘ moment is soon to happen.

Sarangi annapackshi description on
Found right at the entrance to the room, the Annapakshi Valaku (lamp)
lends a touch of charm. The Annapakshi is a mythological bird that
symbolizes divinity, purity, prosperity and beauty.

Sari sarangi chennai on
This is where you sit down elegantly and choose
the right sari for that special occasion

… and ladies (I got to specify cos I know a lot of men who read my blog) don’t blame me now if you want to slip into a a Kanjeevaram sari and ask, “Do I look alright?” Cos the answer is sure to be, “Yes, you look wonderful, tonight!”

Photo credit: Sarangi
Lyric excerpts: “Do I look alright?” and “Yes, you look wonderful, tonight!” Eric Clapton was waiting one more time while his girlfriend Pattie was trying on clothes for a night out, and wrote this song. This was in 1976.



  1. Beautiful post,feel like visiting this saree shop right now,.

  2. Beautiful posts…I sure do feel like dressing up in kanjeevaram now 🙂

  3. Looks like a lovely environment and a real experience just to visit the shop itself. I am sure the quality of sari they offer is only the best too.

  4. The Oonjal ceremony sounds like such a sweet concept! I love the greenery in the background of these pictures–so pretty!

    (PS: one of my favorite Eric Clapton songs too. Your reference to it brought a smile to my face!)

  5. I have known Sarangi and Rasvihar for years but never occurred on doing a post :-). Well done Sharon!