Would you dare to go all out on Indian kitsch?

French artists Michel and Carol Arnaud Goddet created this kitschy Indian look for an eco hotel in Pondicherry

Yes, you have seen this picture in my earlier post on Indian decor, but have you seen the whole house? Would you believe the whole house is decorated in the Indian kitschy look?

I marvel at these pictures. They are bold, and I am pretty sure there is no one among you who would do up your entire home in the Bollywood kitsch theme. I wouldn’t, I can tell you. Yet, I am so fascinated by these pictures. I have looked at them almost every day since I first saw them (a good 5 months ago), unable to believe that there are designers and hoteliers out there who have dared to do up an entire cottage with this ‘look’, if you can call it a look, that is!

home in the Bollywood kitsch theme

the house is decorated in the Indian kitschy look

the bedroom is decorated in the Indian kitschy look

all room is decorated in the Indian kitschy look

I first saw these pics on Marie Claire Maison, and the picture credit belongs to them. However, I wanted to know more, I mean who wouldn’t want to know the where, who and everything else of a design like this? I found out that the location was Pondicherry’s Dune Hotel, owned by Dimitri Klein, who runs a kind of an artists-in-residence facility within the premises of his eco hotel. Quite a unique concept, but it did explain how the artists of this kitsch-wonder Michel and Carol Arnaud Godet dared to decorate it so. Well, the thing is, most of us would hate to live in a house like this, but wouldn’t it be cool to incorporate a bit of this kitschiness into your home decor? Perhaps a corner, or for the bravehearts among you, a room? Would you dare to? Tell me! 🙂

Pics via: Marie Claire Maison

Thanks Dimitri Klein, for the permissions.


  1. First one in the pics, absolutely would go into my little nook if I had a beach house. Lot of Spanish beach resorts and houses do decorate in bright colors, specially in Mexico. They love colors just like us, Indians! 🙂

    Don't like filmstar posters in my home but everything else looks great.

  2. I love these images. I would totally go Indian Kitch. I love that term, 'indian kitch'. thanks for sharing.

  3. I salute anyone who goes total immersion into anything as bold
    as this!
    Bright and refreshing …..


  4. These pics are so bold and bright! I think this is quite a refreshing look for hotels. though not a big fan of posters I would love to do something like this for one corner of bedroom..
    Very nice post n pics!

  5. Such a Yummmm post 🙂 Saw the earlier post as well, but thanks for telling us more about the place and the people behind it. Great stuff 🙂

  6. Loved all the colorful interiors… Would surely love to get my home kitshified…. at least few cozy areas…… But posters of so called celebs who thrive because of the public….. Is surely impossible…. for me..of course…. They are no better than us… They ought to posterize the public who go ga ga over them…. so I feel it is kinda tacky….. !!!!


  7. Hey such a unique idea for the interiors..The theme and the colors are cool..I loved the sitting area the most


  8. Asha, Renuka, Ash – yes it takes a lot of thinking to put up posters and risk your home looking like a cheap hostel room! But at the same time, do it well, do it not with the intention of glorifying filmstars, but actually adding that 'element' of decor, and I can tell you you will be bowled over with the outcome. I personally am contemplating a Bollywood corner – not kitsch, but elegance – I have already lined up some retro and even some modern (Jodhaa Akbar, Lagaan) posters for it. I just need to work up the courage to put them up. I know it will be different, but the key is to be able to carry the look off, without appearing, well…like a cheap hostel room. Sigh! Wish me luck!:)

  9. @Preet aka Newyorkmum…;) so happy to see your comment here. took me awhile to figure out it's you.
    Thanks for stopping by, and more importantly, for the comment!

    @ Judith and Dora, so glad you liked the ideas. Thank you.

    @Rekha Nambiar aka DesignIQ – thanks woman! you made my day:)

  10. I also like it
    i would not mind it in some corner….


  11. I would love to go all out and try it. But then i get bored too quickly and will try something new 🙂

  12. Smiling Hello from Istanbul:)

    So lovely colorful interiors give a parallel connection to India's multicultural structure. Your page is such a gateway to Indian decoration, and so glad you did let me know. A very first for me to find out a piece of your cultural touch:)

  13. I loved the interiors, but wiouldn't risk trying the entire set up for my own place. A corner of the house ? may be yes. Great post, Sharon.

  14. Vasudha and Rekha, thanks.

    Black Zebra and Nihal, thanks for stopping by. We do hope you will be regulars at The Keybunch:)


  15. don't know if I could go all kitsch…but i think everyone needs a punch of it in their space.

    great post…total fan of your blog.

  16. A corner may be…but the entire home..a definite NO. Infact the room which houses our TV & DVDs & music etc…has black & white cartoons, the underlying theme being music & films…

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  18. "would you dare to.." Says it all!

  19. Sow nothing, reap nothing.