Women’s Day Buildup ~Rachana Saurabh: Self-taught artist with a style of her own!

Women everywhere, everyday do extraordinary things to face life’s challenges and come out triumphant. March 8 is a day to celebrate woman-power; it’s for celebrating you and me, and women like Rachana Saurabh, who take what life gives them, and emerge with a winning attitude.

When I first saw Rachana’s work, I was struck by her distinct style! I have seen kitsch, I have seen pictures of Goddesses, I have seen abstracts – Rachana’s work has elements of all 3 styles, but yet an identity of its own. Since she is a blogger, I am sure many of you have already seen her work. But do you know her story? While you appreciate her work, read a bit of her amazing journey!

Rachana is from Anand (the Milk Capital of India, and the home of Amul) a small town of Gujarat, India. She is a qualified engineer, thought at heart she has always been an artist. Growing up in a small town, she did not have many opportunities to learn new things, and so she kept herself busy with art and craft. She taught herself to paint, and it became her favorite hobby!

Rachana started out by imitating the work of established artists – she could replicate them exactly! All that practice and study helped her to attain her current style and form!

“I have not learnt anything, but in my free time I used to copy (that’s the word I think) well-known artists’ painting, its just that I can make anything exactly the same. And today I have developed that in creating my own style 🙂 And I am happy that people around me want to know more about Indian culture.”

When she got married three years ago, and came to the US, and she could not join the workforce, her husband Saurabh encouraged her to start painting again.

“It’s him who encouraged me so much, and today painting is my profession.. 🙂 Its something that with his help I have created my own identity, and I am enjoying it”.

Editor’s Note:
Rachana recently went through a harrowing experience when she saw her work printed without permission on a leading Indian fashion designer’s collection. If you wish to use or reproduce any of Rachana’s creations in personal or business ventures, do contact Rachana first. They say when someone copies your work, it is the highest form of flattery. Sure, but copying with permission is the ethical way to flatter someone whose work you love and admire! All images in this blog post are the copyright of Rachana Saurabh.



  1. Thanks for this post Sharon,You made my day. I love the way you have explained my feelings in your words. I have read this again and again, its Truly awesome. 🙂

    Thanks for everything Sharon 🙂

  2. It's nice to see Rachana's work featured on your blog. I agree with you on her recent experience. It doesn't feel good when you have to face a situation like she did. Hope something positive comes out of it!

  3. Oh lovely… Her work is truly inspirational and unique!! Its awesome to see her featured here… and lovely to know Rachana a little more!!

  4. Rachana's work is awesome, great post!!!

  5. Lovely work…very inspiring…makes me want to pick up my brushes and start painting…

  6. Thanks Sujata Ji, Patricia, Anu, Anpu. 🙂

  7. Awesome paintings….
    Reflection to Indian Culture..
    Looking at Rachana's painting(s), I wish I could be a painter and could express my feelings through painting.

  8. how beautiful!! and pretty dreadful to steal her work!!
    I like reading this post…and learning something (anything) about other cultures…
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.