Weekend Wrap up – A visit to Kala Madhyam

A visit to Kala Madhyam mela

The annual Kala Madhyam mela is back and I didn’t want to miss it at any cost. Which means, not waiting till the last day and not regretting for missing it due to unforeseen events. Of course, a visit to the mela was also the best way to wrap up the weekend.

A visit to Kala Madhyam mela

Unlike last year, I made sure I carried the camera with batteries charged coz I wanted to share the vibrant festive look and feel of the mela with you. I wanted to be there when the sun is up and bright, but things don’t always work out the way you want. I ended up landing at 6:00 pm…my main worry was the kind of pics I could click. Anyways, it was nice as I enjoyed Pooja Kunita, a type of folk dance and a folk magic show organized as a part of the event.

Antique artifacts from Kala Madhyam melaAntique looking artifacts

The stalls were filled with brilliant colorful stuff – sarees, bedspreads, artifacts, terracotta, brass, folk paintings, and tribal jewelry to name a few. I picked up a couple of brass artifacts and terracotta figurines. Believe me, I was soo tempted to hoard all the stuff but somehow resisted. I could have spent the entire day browsing these lovely stalls.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking for now 🙂

Black Terracotta products from Kala Madhyam melaBlack Terracotta products

Colored Terracotta products from Kala Madhyam melaColored Terracotta products

bright and beautiful stuff from Kala Madhyam melaAll things bright and beautiful

brass vintage from Kala Madhyam melaBrass ladies ready to welcome you

Bamboo and gourd products from Kala Madhyam melaBamboo and gourd products

Terracotta lanterns products from Kala Madhyam melaTerracotta lanterns

The Kala Madhyam mela is on till 12th December. The mela is a paradise for folk and tribal art lovers. If you happen to be in Bengaluru, make sure that you don’t miss out on all the fun. Read more about Kala Madhyam here.

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  1. you bloggers living in India are so lucky! I will willingly pay above cost price to get hold of any of that stuff!

  2. Nice tour Rekha! I'm going during the week!

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  4. Such a lovely event! Why won't you take me to such events when I come to Blore :)?

  5. @ Divya – Very true Divya,you just can't get enough of these melas.

    @ Anu – Let me know how what did you shop for ANu..

    @ Sharon – Sure Sharon, shopping with you will be fun, letz make it to the next years mela together.:)

  6. Nice! Is this also organized by Dastkar?

  7. I second Divya…you are so lucky to visit all these Melas. the pictures are so lovely…the terracota stuff, …loved those Lanterns.

  8. hey! They are lovely… There were days when I used to meander such melas & exhibitions… that was before marriage as my dad was interested in them… but now my hubby does not like exhibitions & stuffs where he has to meander, hence does not get a chance to go.. Seems like u stay in Bangalore…next time kindly take me along… What say? 😉 Hugs)))


  9. @ Bahvna – Kala Madhyam is another organization on lines of Dastkar.

    Anpu, laksmi, Glad you loved the terracotta stuff

    @ ASha, sure asha, I'll buzz you the next time, it'll be fun to go together.

  10. So beautiful!!! Love all those terracotta lanterns! Beautiful!! 🙂

  11. wow..so beautiful!! the lamps are so lovely.. haven't seen anything like these ever!!

  12. Wow..I wish I was as lucky as you and go to one of these melas (i'm in the US)…hopefully there will be some in Delhi when i'm there next months.

    Love the terracotta stuff!

  13. oh my!! what an awesome mela.. I totally envy you!!! I'd stay for a long long time..

  14. Lucky you! 🙂

    I would have had to hold myself back from binging too!–looks like a treasure trove! 🙂

  15. very nice pics thanks for sharing..

  16. hi rekha
    I am from Bangalore, please let me know when this mela is held every year..thanks for the lovely pictures and spreading the word…Ash

  17. what fun!! And now lets see your steals :)) Come on make us jealous!

  18. Thanks all, I wish we all went together shopping. That would be fin isn't it 🙂

    @Asha – Asha, the mela is usually held in December every year.

    Prachi, yp, plan to post my steals too.

  19. Wow the things are quiet different from the north side like black terracotta and bamboo and gourd products. I always adore these gourd products but this side it is not exhibited. Well don't no about Dilli haat if it is available there…

  20. I dont miss this mela but this time I am happy to enjoy it through your eyes, thanks for taking me there Rekha! It is a feast for anyone's eyes!

  21. wish I could be there 🙁

  22. I just wish they had a special time slot exclusively for design bloggers, wouldn't that be fun…the whole gang shopping together 🙂