Wall tattoos: Recreate your space without spending a fortune!

Wall tattoos on kitchen

Remember the earlier post on wall tattoos? The easiest way to give a facelift to a dead wall without spending a fortune is a decal. I received a mail from Terri Boidman of Suface Collectives to check out their new decal collection. Guess what, I even stumbled upon some Indian themed decals on the site.

Wall tattoos on living room and bedroom

Here’s what they say…”SURFACE Collective encourages you to think outside the frame when it comes to decorating your space. Our mission is to enable people across the globe to visualize the flat surfaces in their space in ways never before imagined. Unlike pricey art installations, you can change your SURFACE Wall Tattoo at whim.”

Wall tattoos on living room and bedroomI think these are cool. What do you think?
Thanks: Surface Collective


  1. Very cool … .
    I just wonder how difficult they are
    to place and position.

  2. Wow, love these! Make a plain wall so beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous decals! would you know where to find similar decals in India?

    [Happy New Year!]

  4. Thanks for dropping by Bhavena, Happy new year to you too.

    I have been trying to find them in India, haven’t been successful so far..will let you knw when I spot them here.
    – Rekha

  5. You can order Wall Tattoos online through our secure website http://www.surfacecollective.com.

    Depending on your selected shipping method, you can have your wall tattoo in your space in a matter of a couple of weeks!

    We’ve added some great new designs to the collection in the past couple of weeks! Check them out.
    E-mail [email protected] with any questions.

  6. These designs look awesome and so real!! Must be very hard to produce those designs on walls.

  7. Hi!Nice post on 'Wall tattoos,! But would like to mention that the top kitchen pic has an etched textured glass and not a wall tattoo!