The Retyrement Plan: Upcycled fab from Anu Tandon Vieira

the retyrment plan

Anu Tandon Vieira’s The Retyrement Plan is an unusual, new-age business venture. She creates beautiful, eye-popping decor pieces out of things as ordinary as twine, old rubber tyres, old wood, bamboo, cane etc…

the retyrment plan the retyrment plan

She says her products are about connecting the dots to make something new from old stuff, and she is passionate about making it so pretty that “our hearts can be a little lighter and brighter” as we go on with our lives.

the retyrment plan upcycled chair the retyrment plan upcycled chair

True to its name, The Retyrement Plan is a cause. As each conscious and funky product is being created, a variety of people connect and benefit across vast social and cultural divides. They contribute towards an idea which is all the richer thanks to the differences shared.

the retyrment plan socially responsible

Says Anu, “Lovingly held in hands, colorful twine rearranged, weave a story for a myriad people who see the shimmer in the dust of this incredible land. Retyrement Plan is a symbol of of our times.

Each and every one of us will consume contemporary design which is created purely from old materials….the current endless waste tonnage, with no place else to go has to return to the new necessity of Earth’s evolution…. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.



the retyrment plan weaves
the retyrment plan upcycled chair

Upcycle – wholecycle – anycycle,
everything that flows in a cycle has a place in our lives ..”

Thank you Anu…those are wonderful thoughts, and they sure hold true for your work!

To know more, to get in touch with Anu, or to pick up one of her upcycled pieces, please visit her FB page The Retyrement Plan



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  2. I am pleased to go through your blog. It's wonderful. Very creative and creatively written too. Would like to meet you sometime, if you in Pune. Know more at

  3. Lovely post as always ~Sharon and Rekha.
    @Anu~Wonderful products! Perfect for green living.

  4. Truly support the idea of the three R's
    Wonderful work!

  5. Truly support the idea of the three R's
    Wonderful work!

  6. Great post guys… love the idea of re-using junk and creating interesting and funky furniture. My favorite are the pouffes made of old tyres… Thanks for sharing