Sustainable Wall Decor Panels from WallArt

It’s been a while since a wall decor brand has caught my eye, and I am excited about this brand in particular because it uses eco-friendly raw material to create its products.

Green Walls

WallArt’s 3D Eco-friendly wall panels are made from the fibrous remains of sugarcane (also called bagasse). This material, as a residue of sugarcane, is one of the world’s most renewable sources because sugarcane can be harvested up to 3 times a year. The total harvest worldwide is more than 1.2 billion metric tons yearly). This raw material, which is a plant fiber, is the ideal material for 3D wall panels as it gives both volume and texture. It is 100% recycled, compostable and therefore 100% biodegradable.

Stylishly bring walls to life

Feature walls in paint are no longer stylish or trendy. Wall panels that measure 50 cm x 50 cm, and when placed together, the panels create a repeating pattern that gives flat walls new dimensions that play with light and shadow. With a design concept originating in the United States these panels are not just eco-friendly, they are stylish too!

A large variety of wall panels to choose from

WallArt has here more than 20 different models of the WallArt 3d wall panels available to create aesthetic interiors that look great and give a personal touch as well! Bold patterns are no longer popular, so adding that touch of colour to your 3D panels is the perfect solution. Various shades of green, such as lime or emerald, are very much this year’s colours, which, when put together with muted shades – pale grey, blush pink, white or beige – will make any room high fashion! Grey remains a popular colour and looks incredible when combined with bold reds through to mellow yellows. Inspired interior design can be satisfying, and with the help of these 3D panels, effortless as well!

In fact, there are many brands that replicate this look in their designs, but remember, they are not eco-friendly! At a time when environmental impact is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, here is a product that provides high quality, interior decoration possibilities that will enhance, not harm, the environment.




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  2. Hi Sharon,

    Is these panels are suggested for damped walls?? I am looking for something innovative to cover my damped walls..

  3. Great looking differently designed and eco-friendly wall panels………Enhancing the interiors of the room.

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    Your wall decoration ideas are awesome. I love to give an eye catching look to my walls. Personally, I like to use wall hanging tapestry for giving a trendy look in my walls. But, in this new year I am going to implement your idea. Thank you for sharing this blog with us. Keep sharing your blog with us.

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